UnCategorized Most of us, if faced with a back injury, might be forced to take some time off work to recuperate. It is hopefully unlikely that it would cost us, or rather our insurers, eleven million pounds. But that is the figure which, reportedly, Bono’s insurers have had to pay out after he slipped a disc in his back in May. The U2 frontman was dancing in an apparently over-vigorous manner during rehearsals and realised before long that he was losing the use of his legs. He underwent emergency surgery in Germany, but not in time to avoid the Irish supergroup having to cancel sixteen US dates as well as their headline appearance at Glastonbury in England, which was instead filled by Gorillaz. They are due to return to the stage on 6th August in Turin. As injury claims go, eleven million pounds (or eighteen million dollars) is a whopper, but what else would you expect from the world’s richest band? Essentially this boils down to a work injury claim, pretty much the same as if somebody injured their back picking a box off the floor at work. The band, as a business .modity, will be insured against anything affecting their ability to do their job properly (much the same as sporting stars insuring their body parts: many racing drivers, for example, insure their thumbs as without them they would be unable to drive the car properly). Without their charismatic and popular singer, the band felt that they would be unable to perform the shows to the best of their ability. It is unclear whether the injury claim awarded to Bono is to .pensate him personally for lost earnings or to help remunerate US fans (and those at Glastonbury) who bought tickets for the cancelled concerts. It is probably most likely that it is solely for the pain and suffering that Bono managed to inflict upon himself, while the lost revenue from the tour, and the price of repaying fans for the lost shows, will be handled by another policy. It’s fair to say that the band’s insurers must be having a few sleepless nights… The main difference between this case and standard injury claims is that the claimant must have been injured through another’s negligence or a breach of a duty of care. Although details of how Bono sustained his injury are not entirely clear, it seems conceivable that he hurt his back by himself: ie through no fault of another. This is why it is more of an insurance claim, where the appellant can be at fault, than a classic injury claim, where they cannot, at least not in the main. Regardless, many will be happy that the former Mr Paul Hewson is now back on his feet and ready to hit the road any day now. While I’m on the subject of injury claims at work: news reaches us that Eugene Anderson, the US lawyer who helped pioneer the laws pertaining to employer liability, has died of .plications from pneumonia. It was he who, when acting as the prosecution lawyer in an asbestos-related illness case, ruled that three disputing insurance .panies were all jointly responsible for covering the costs of a victim’s .pensation, and increased the scope of the timeframe within which sufferers can make a claim. It is thanks to his efforts that the rules surrounding employers’ liability are what they are today. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


Introduction: In the county of West Yorkshire is where tourists will find the bustling city of Bradford. Situated in Northern England, Bradford has more than 470,000 inhabitants and it ranks eleventh in terms of the size of various cities in England. Bradford has a rich history and was one of the central focuses of thriving businesses during the time of the Industrial Revolution. Former home of the Bronte Sisters, as well as many other famous individuals, Bradford continues to thrive in terms of business and also continues to draw thousands of tourists each and every year. Finally, Bradford is surrounded by many popular cities. Cities surrounding Bradford include Bath, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Nottingham, Oxford and York. Places of interest: Looking to plan your itinerary while in England? Make sure that Bradford is on your list of places to see. Chockfull of historical adventures and incredible recreational pursuits, a trip to England would be in.plete if one doesnt partake in all that Bradford has to offer. ART GALLERIES: When visiting Bradford, tourists are frequently drawn to the cultural attractions that Bradford offers. Bradford is home to several art galleries including the City Art Gallery at the Headrow which houses incredible sculptures and paintings. WALKING TOURS: Tourist will thoroughly enjoy the walking tours through the moorlands and woodlands of Bradford. Further, tourist can choose to take self guide walks or tour guide walks, whichever they prefer. Such tours allow tourists to enjoy all of the wildlife in Bradford. FAMILY ADVENTURES: Numerous natural parks and amusement parks are in Bradford, promising entertainment for the whole family. From boating to bowling, there is no end to the fun for families in Bradford. SPORTS: there are plenty of sports to engage in while visiting Bradford and fishing, sailing, wind surfing, swimming, cycling, horseback riding ,and walking are just a few of the sports that tourists will find enjoyable. SHOPPING: A number of mill shops and Asian stores are readily accessible in Bradford. Things to do: There is no shortage of fun and fascinating things to do while in Bradford. Whether tourists travel alone or with the entire family, they can easily find enjoyable recreational activities for everyone to enjoy. BRADFORD BULLS: in the Odsal Stadium, the Bradford Bulls is the favourite rugby team of many. The stadium holds huge audiences, well over 12,000 people visit the Bradford Bulls games and there is pre-game entertainment at every game. BRADFORD ICE RINK: at 19 Little Horton Lane is an ice skating rink that the entire family can enjoy. Whether tourists are out on the ice with the kids or they are watching one of the many ice shows hosted at the Bradford Ice Rink, time spent at the ice rink will be nothing but memorable. COLOUR MUSEUM: 1 Providence Street is a one of a kind experience for every resident and tourist in Bradford. Learn how animals perceive colour, how colour dyes are created and more. A great time for the entire family. The cost for admission is 1.75 for adults and 4 for the entire family. NATIONAL MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY, FILM & TELEVISION: situated at Pictureville, is an exciting location with interactive exhibits and a place that reveals movie and television magic! RED HOUSE: The former home of Mary Taylor, now known as the Red House is located on Oxford Road. Mary Taylor was the former friend of Charlotte Bronte and the house was erected in the 17th century. SILVER JUBILEE MODEL RAILWAY EXHIBITION: on Green Lane is the place for every model train enthusiast. Model trains are sold as well as all of their accessories and you can have fun looking at all of the model train layouts. Food & Drink: Visitors to Bradford can find fantastic dining in and around the surrounding areas of Bradford with relative ease. No matter what a tourists dining preference is, they can satiate their appetite easily when visiting Bradford. ADELPHI: located on 1-5 Hunslet Road, offers lagers, beers, and a variety of juices as well as fine dining. Desserts include both the Yorkshire pie and the Dolcelatte Pudding. BREAK FOR THE BORDER: at 174-178 Lower Briggate in Leeds, just 9 miles from Bradford. It is a bar and lounge offering drinks and entertainment. The upstairs of the location is a restaurant that offers a variety of Tex-Mex foods. GRILLADE: on Wellington Street in Leeds, is a mere walk from the train station. If its a French Bistro that a tourists seeks, then the Grillade is sure to please. The Grillade serves nothing but the finest French entrees and has a variety of plates to choose from. FUJI HIRO: at 45 Wade Lane in Leeds offers an array of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Ramen, Rice, and pan-fried noodle dishes will assuredly appease anyones appetite. The Fuji Hiro serves great meals like chicken katsu curry and chilli ebi ramen. HEATHCLIFFS RESTAURANT: in Hollins Hall, Baildon, Bradford, requires that residents and tourists make reservations in advance and that they adhere to the dress code provided. Offering background piano music while visitors dine, Heathcliffs is the place in Bradford for the ultimate dining experience. Hotels & Ac.modation: Ac.modations are not at all hard to .e by in Bradford. There are numerous hotels and self catering sites for tourist to choose from. No matter what a tourist decides, they will find they get the finest service during their stay in Bradford. Midland Hotel Courtyard By Marriott Leeds/Bradford Park Grove Hotel The Dubrovnik Hotel Sporting Lodge Inns Novotel Bradford Best Western Guide Post Hotel Express by Holiday Inn Bradford City Centre Entertainment There is plenty of entertainment in Bradford that is suitable for all ages. Theatres, Cinemas, Aquariums and nightlife entertainment are abundant in this city. Bars, lounges, and dance clubs await the tourist looking to relax and socialise. Bradford: a city you can afford to miss when visiting England. Excellent food, incredible sites, and lots of fun things to do, tourist will lose out if they dont visit Bradford. Certainly, if one wants to ensure their trip is .plete, Bradford should be on their list of things to do. 相关的主题文章:


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Fishing One of the best parts about the sport of fly fishing is experiencing the scenery and calmness around you as you are trying to land your big fish. Montana is a great place to find some solitude while fly fishing. In fact, the vast expanses that surround the rivers and streams in Montana can provide you with some of the most relaxing solitude anywhere. Montana fly fishing is legendary. Anglers from all over the world travel to Montana to experience fly fishing the blue ribbon trout rivers and pristine mountain lakes. Whether an angler seeks to battle trophy sized wild rainbow trout on the Yellowstone River or to experience the solitude of a high mountain lake, Montana provides fly fishing experiences like no other place can. Montana provides such an abundance of opportunities that visiting anglers frequently have difficulty in deciding where to start their fly fishing adventure. There are so many beautiful places in the hills of Montana that can provide both solitude and great fishing, many people might be overwhelmed. But so many choices provide for some amazing chances at bagging that championship fish! For example, Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park is a beautiful spot for fly fishing. Flanked by mountains, this lake is not only a beautiful place to catch fish; it’s also an amazing spot for reflecting and relaxation. Of course, the Yellowstone River is the longest river in Montana. It is free of any major dams, and its flow is not regulated in any way, so you can find an abundance of fish in the solitude of the mountain air. In fact, the Yellowstone River is internationally known as one of the premier trout rivers in the United States. Even though you can expect to catch a variety of trout including rainbow and brown, you will also find whitefish and sturgeon aplenty. Even though the Yellowstone River is quite well known for its fly fishing in Montana, it is not overtaken by so many fly fishers that you can’t find a spot. It remains a beautiful secret available to those who are looking for the solitude of the Montana countryside. Finding solitude while fly fishing in Montana is a relatively easy proposition. All you need to do is a little bit of research and ask around. Those who are proud of the fly fishing waters in Montana are always more than happy to share the beauty of their state with people who are wanting to fish the waters. About the Author: By: businesssolution93 – Shop the best activewear, crossfit clothing and apparel by KIT Active. Wide range of Crossfit Clothes at affordable price. Free Shipping and KIT Activity Pouch for all orders over $100. Commando S … By: Tim Richardson – How can you improve your results beyond your wildest expectations? The best fishermans Christmas gift is not what you might expect! It will make the most difference to results and to instant an … By: Tim Richardson – You really can catch many more big carp this winter using these very successful edges and such powerful information, to super-charge the fish-catching success of your baits; far beyond normal or a … By: smartweb – Largest range of cheap fishing kayak for sale from Bluefin Kayaks. View our best Kayak Pricesand Reviews! We offer the lowest price anywhere on the market. By: Tim Richardson – Catching big wary carp in tough late autumn and cold winter conditions takes very special edges! Here are irresistible bait tips refined from years of tough late summer fishing big carp catches co … By: Tim Richardson – So many anglers spent thousands on their rod pods, alarms, rods, reels, bivvies, bed chairs, barrows, bait boats and other gear, thinking it will make them catch most fish, and then incredibly, ex … By: Tim Richardson – Solving your fishing problems by feeling like a fish and not like an angler is probably one of the least covered of fishing topics, for many reasons. But just the practice and development of this … By: Tim Richardson – The big fishing rip-off; how second-hand recommendations of anglers using over-used baits and tackle and methods and many which have been over-sold are often very possibly costing you fish big-tim … By: Tim Richardson – Get the best information to design your very own top quality secret homemade carp boilies and winning pastes! The commonly-used method of boilie design is to begin by thinking about ingredients an … By: Tim Richardson – Catching tough late summer fish and fish in cold winter conditions takes very special edges! Here are irresistible bait tips refined from years of tough late summer fishing big carp catches combin … 相关的主题文章:


Wealth-Building As you may have noticed, passive in.e does not .e without effort and time. You can invest money rather than time and energy, but unless you are already wealthy to an extent, you will not have enough to invest so that you could generate a substantial in.e. The alternative is to invest your time, energy, and attention, either into free or low cost business opportunities, or to budget and save your money if you choose to go the investment route later on. Many people are only able to work at their passive in.e ventures in their spare time, but even small time investments, over time, can ac.plish anything. Often times it requires many month of planting and watering passive in.e seeds before the cash flow starts, which is why many people give in too soon. But it’s worth it, no matter how much time it takes. The result is freedom. The freedom to live life without money worries. The freedom to live without the obligation to work, unless you want to. The freedom to do what you want, when you want. Financial freedom gives you the ability to live the way you really want to live without sacrifice, limitation, or obligation. Wealthy people understand and make use of the principle of passive in.e, and most of them earn money from a number of diverse sources. Some are huge streams of in.e and others are much smaller, but together they create a huge automatic in.e that leads to the building of unlimited wealth. Developing a lifetime of wealth starts with a single passive in.e stream, and then another, and another. When your in.e is automatic, you do not trade time for money, therefore you can earn without limits. And when you have enough ongoing in.e to pay for the lifestyle that you have chosen, you my friend will have achieved financial freedom. That means that you have all the money you need and all the time you want to live life fully. Therefore, to be.e financially free, you need to start with a goal. Your financial freedom goal will be to create enough ongoing automated in.e to pay for your desired lifestyle. Do not cut yourself short. How much money would you ultimately like to enjoy spending each month? This number should be your goals for automatic in.e. See, wealth is not about a specific number, it’s a lifestyle. You choose the lifestyle you want, and when you are living it without worry of financial issues, you will be wealthy in the deepest sense. Here are a few great ways to earn passive in.e if you are interested in getting started… Make and Sell Your Own Information Products-Package and sell your own informational products. They are easy to create, and if you set up automatic sales systems like websites and mailing lists, you can sell them on .plete autopilot. Marketing Affiliate Products-Anyone can join free affiliate marketing programs and make money by earning affiliate .missions by promoting the products to others. Use a website and a mailing list to automated your sales. Network Marketing-Multi level marketing has always been a great way top get rich, and doing mlm online is even more simple and profitable. Building a large residual in.e will be a huge asset for your financial freedom. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


Legal Oh certain you bear in mind the boom field. That has been the fad again in boom beach hack no survey the nineteen eighties. But it surely first was marketed and accessible for everybody back in the nineteen seventies. Normally, folks would carry them with them on the mall, within the park, at the seashore , and wherever else they would go. See, growth bins blasted out the music and music is normally good to listen to especially in case you are hanging out with pals. A celebration will never be a party without some good music. And since there were no cellular music gadgets back then, the increase box was the in factor. Overall I would say that Supercell determined to play it protected with this release. However, thats a smart enterprise determination and I feel this recreation might be an enormous success. Its plenty of enjoyable, and while it doesnt re-invent the wheel, it provides enough new gameplay and features to make it fascinating Boom Beach Hack to even the most devoted CoC player. Im positive when you try it for yourself, youll play it quite a lot to start with. With a confirmed recreation model and a .pany who have been within the prime 2 grossing positions for almost a yr, Supercell clearly have what it takes to make this recreation a hit. Increase Seashore is a brand new sport available for android and iOS might be downloaded from Google Play and the App Retailer.The game is new however already has many followers all over the world which from daily is increasingly more. Most of the fans and likes this game for cool graphics, and for ease of use and management. It is a typical technique game during which every players activity is to decide on applicable tactics and strategy to win the fight. The sport may be very addictive and you may spend a nice time along with her. I encourage you to have enjoyable with the sport Increase Beach. A brand new feature in Increase Seashore in .parison to CoC are Useful resource Bases. The player can acquire further islands that present further wooden / coins. The player cant build other buildings on these islands, but they’re emotionally invested in these islands because dropping them means more than dropping trophy factors it puts a bottleneck in resource manufacturing. I have a sense that over time Supercell will increase on this mechanic barely and make it possible so that you can build onto these islands, supplying you with a tactical dilemma of which base to guard with your exhausting-earned resources! Whats Missing? Apart from currencies, sources are also crucial inside Boom Seaside, the most essential of which is wooden. Wooden is important for upgrading and constructing constructions, and different resources which might be accessible at latter levels would also be required. Assets could be acquired from buildings that can generate them automatically for you, as well as from clearing surrounding particles. Attacking other islands can even yield treasured assets; though gamers ought to take be aware that other players may also acquire these items from it’s best to you be the one who will get attacked. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


Reference-and-Education Strathclyde SKIL Business School (SSBS) has launched a very unique way of instruction. In keeping with the Strathclyde Business School, Glasgows strong and effective philosophy of students learning from other students through interactions, debates and discussions, SSBS is connected to all the nine other institutes across the world. A student from Noida can chat with someone sitting in Switzerland or the US and get their views and opinions on the various aspects of management. Online platforms used by Strathclyde are Myplace, Pegasus, Mpegasus, Spider, Mercury, and Nemo. Lakshmana Sandeep, in the Master in Management (MiM) programme at SSBS can be found online most of the time. I regularly use Yahoo, Google and Pegasus. They are a very quick and easy way to get project work done because most of the time I find the subject related information and the images I need to support my findings here. For their academic work, the SSBS students turn to Pegasus. Pegasus helps us in finding relevant journals and articles free of cost. It also helps us in finding sample question papers which would help us in tackling the exams, Debanuj says, as he prepares for an up.ing exam. These platforms, .mon to all Strathclyde students, aid them to enhance learning by giving them a global perspective to any of their subjects, including discussions on electives. There really is nothing like interaction and brainstorming. Online chats and resources, on search engines like Google are more generic. Whereas, the ones operated by Strathclyde are specifically meant for students to use for their research and to brainstorm, discuss and .pare notes with other students located in different parts of the world. Using these tools, we get a vast amount of resources for reading and reference, Atash, MiM student, says. Fun features are also accessible to those seeking them. They are available on Spider and Mercury, says Anand who looks forward to some fun happening online in the near future. For now, though it is time to get some learning done, so Pegasus is the platform all the SSBS MiM students are logging into. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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