Interpretation of Okamoto’s new concept of marketing, which are worth learning from the routines? This paper | technology – Sohu Li Yuyang in 1989, the State Administration for Industry and commerce a paper "on the golden age prohibited sexual advertisements broadcast on the provisions of" let adult sex toys completely missed the traditional media marketing, even if the lifting of the ban, but the inertia force continues today. Perhaps for this reason, adult sex toys have been deep lock, make people ashamed. Marketing has always been a combination of technology and art, early regulatory policy brought about by the chain reaction is just adult sex toys manufacturer opens up a new world of film marketing — social marketing (SocialMarketing). In the tide of social marketing, Durex’s advertising bold and warm, combined with hot piece readily came to, from time to time caused a hot debate. While Okamoto is a literary youth, implicative, hidden in the front blunt. The social network spawned social marketing model, it is to give the brand more opportunities to express different ideas. Compared to Durex was machine spun, Okamoto open the brain hole of the new concept of marketing inventive, often make people eye-opening. In fact, open the brain hole to play the new concept of marketing is a routine, today by eleven Dongfeng double talk marketing innovation. Social marketing of Pipa relative to the recently tranquiler competitors, Okamoto launched a double eleven to open the brain hole "Okamoto dual 11" WeChat H5 "is money" small video, and by this little video, Okamoto marketing played a combination of boxing, "double 11 Maigang the Mini Cooper" is the wedge, the introduction of virtual exchange mall "set of bird" activities. This is the essence of marketing activities, the trading behavior between users, and the set of "bird" mall provided only in condom for the virtual currency trading platform, innovative gameplay WeChat quickly detonated circle of friends. Traditionally, double eleven is born as a commodity promotion Shopping Festival; and this Okamoto will rebound the lute, barter novelty party play instead of shopping activities, JBL headset, to grab the hammer M1, the game guards Thor ST Pro successfully settled, have fun with freshness, the formation of a social marketing trend. In the social marketing, reverse marketing often can do better, making use of the contradictions of thinking, bring new ideas but cater to the destructive nature, resulting in social networks a hundred responses to a single call. In 2009 the United States launched the "Burger King Facebook delete friends send hamburger" marketing activities, as long as the commitment delete 10 friends can get a free hamburger; in less than a week, a total of 83 thousand people in Facebook to delete friends, while the number of friends removed up to 234 thousand passengers. The reverse marketing caused a sensation in the Internet, and even listed as a classic case of social marketing. In addition, the successful case in the American election upset Trump is the reverse of marketing, Trump broke on immigration, education, religion and political perspective, to meet the demand of American hit demand. Yang


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