Careers-Employment Modeling is divine. You need to have looks. And you need to have a lot of passion and persistence. But when you first start out, you often have no one by your side to help you navigate your way to success. And this makes many Indian male models to .mit mistakes that they could have avoided had there been a mentor for them. Herein this article, I am going to tell you about 4 .mon mistakes that new and young male models .mit very often. Read them out and save yourself from a lot of pain, regret, and loss of assignments. 1. They think looks are everything (and therefore, theyre wrong) Looks are extremely important ion the business of modeling. But equally important is your presence of mind and wit. You should have to have the skills to build relationships and maintain those relationships for long. Intelligence is what were emphasizing upon. Read books. Read websites that talk about Indian and global fashion. And take personality development / .munication development classes if you think you lack there. 2. They dont have a plan B I get to talk with a lot of young models. And it feels that theyve strongly made up their mind for modeling. While this is a good thing, one must have a plan B – plan that youll act on if you cannot make it big in modeling despite all your efforts. When youve a plan B, you go out with more confidence and can take more risks. 3. They go out and give their numbers to one and all I understand youre new in the industry. But this doesnt mean that you should give your numbers to whoever you .e across in a party or studio. Dont show your desperation. Act gracefully and try to meet the right people at the right time, with a super powerful portfolio. Many of the Indian fashion models that I meet in parties or studios seem very desperate for work and dont even keep a strong Indian male model portfolio that can hook a prospect. 4. They never work on their online presence Its the digital age. Whether its the ad agencies or fashion designers, they go online to find out fresh Indian male models. In fact, therere websites that allow Indian male models and Indian female models to build their profiles and connect with their industry peers – if youve not been on one such site, this is the time to get into the waters. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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