400 word poem praise students of military training instructors: yiyanbuge is squatting! Wuhan Textile University military training site (Network) Metropolis Daily News September 22nd (reporter Luo Xin correspondent Yin Yingfen Yu Wei) "in the new instructor is very weird, yiyanbuge is squatting." "Thank you for meeting you and teaching us a new life. Although difficult to see each other, but there is friendship inside." 22, Wuhan Textile University little meat Wang Yubo, will write down the four hundred military instructors in WeChat word poem circle of friends, attracted many students praise. The narrative poem entitled "by the instructor and the US", the full text of 424 words, 24 syllable line, from the beginning of new students writing, describes the mood from fear to their gratitude to participate in military training instructors. "Junzi requirement, after the back foot pain, pain training can hardly be Ming, have fun in school", tells the story of joy and pain during military training; "approaching new instructors, are tough to respect", describes the fear of the devil training instructors; experience, they do Instructor: "new instructors encounter Tucao is weird, yiyanbuge is squatting"; the end of military training, we are reluctant to part of the instructors, instructors character can not be measured, the inner soft appearance fortitude. Although his little words, but students love You Xinsheng." "Although it is difficult to say goodbye, but there is friendship in it. I sincerely wish good instructors, the army career steadily high. I have all of you, I am not afraid of you, I have nothing to fear." "It took only half an hour to write this poem, and I felt it." Wang Yubo said. He is a freshman at the school of chemical engineering, Changge, Henan. From junior high school, he likes to read, "crazy reading" and the history of books "Three Kingdoms" is my favorite." Because to become "walking hand piece", he also gave some hotel restaurants when writers, writing exercise. In the eyes of many freshmen, Wang Yubo wrote this poem the real feelings. "Narrative comes from life, and it is easy to arouse our sympathy." The school of textile and materials, Liu said the students, although the expression of the poem to the instructor’s strict training complaints, but the final result is to praise instructors. > > > with the poem "to the instructor and we, 169 month long narrative spinning, military training before new fear. Usher in a new head instructor, make people respect tough physique. This person is known as Ma Wei, humorous easy affinity. Difficult to hide military style, strict management is tough. In the aspects of attitude, after the back foot pain. Turn left and right turn back and forth. The starting row is difficult to synchronize, crooked seven or eight twist nasty people. Needless to say go, no dead body pain. Pain training can hardly be Ming, have fun in the school. Talking about bragging, no talk. Unfortunately, the sick mess up, seventy array variable fifty. But the need to remove the array, each one of the three teams. The new coach is very strange, a word is squatting. The mood is complex but helpless, Rome trial. The instructor character can not be measured, the inner soft appearance fortitude. Although his little words, but students from the heart of love. Military training is not long seventeen days, including all the passions. Ma Wei Han just outside the soft heart tough, resolute but warm heart. Want to speak to the instructors, you are good soldiers. Thank you for meeting you this time.相关的主题文章:


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