Advertising Probably the most important thing to consider when promoting online is getting people to actually visit your site. After all, a website is pretty much useless if no one bothers to go look at it (except maybe for the administrators). However, as it turns out, getting traffic going in is, in fact, the hardest part of site management. The number of visitors going to the site is the single biggest indicator of your site’s incoming traffic. It is also the easiest to determine, since all you need to look at is the visitor counter. The rule here, as in any other marketing endeavor, is the more the better. However, knowing how many visitors are going in to your site is not the only thing that you need to consider. In order to fully understand where the traffic really goes to, you need to further break down the visits made by each user who goes into your site. This will help you in determining the nature of the visits made to your site, which can be useful in further refining it to your audiences’ interests. One thing that you need to look closely is the pages that visitors frequent the most. This is a good indicator of your site’s most popular pages. The first page you need to consider is the entry page used by visitors. Most often, this is usually the site’s home page, but there are other times that people get into your site through individual pages. By knowing which pages are the most popular entry points, you can then tailor them to show much better in search engines, which will be able to attract more visitors. You also need to study the pages that visitors access while in the site. Consider also the order and its frequency at which they go to this pages. This will determine what kind of information your visitors are looking for and will help you come up with appropriate content. Finally, you also need to look at the pages where your visitors exit the site. This is very important, since it will give you a good idea on where your weak pages are. Also, this can be useful in determining pages that might have technical problems which can cause people to leave the site. Once you have sorted out the pages visited by your users, you then need to check out the time that they spend in each page. This can be used to determine how interested they are in the contents of each page, basically, the longer they stay, the more interested they are in the content of that particular page. Looking at the logs will also be useful in determining which of those who go to your site are actually interested visitors and who are there for a more casual surf. You can then further refine your site to suit the target audience. Most, if not all, of the above can be be viewed by looking at the traffic logs that your web host will provide, or via various plug-ins that you can add to your site. After studying them, you can then decide on how to improve your site based on the data. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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