Customer Service There are several moving companies working in city Gurgaon. These companies offer the good quality services to the people in their shifting needs. They charge reasonable cost for their services but people can make their relocation more economical by packing their household items self. By some care and dedication anyone can pack any kind of belongings as safe as professional packers of Gurgaon. Now have a look on some facts and guidelines for the safe and sound stuffing of some household items. Glassware items First wrap all the glassware items individually by the bubble wrappers of wrapping sheets. Choose an appropriate size of box for grouping. Put the wrapped items in vertical positions and fill the empty spaces inside the box by the good quality padding materials. Now tape the carton and mark it as fragile. Mirrors Wrap the mirrors by the bubble wrappers and must be packed in appropriate size of cartons. For the stuffing of the large mirrors make an appropriate size carton by the rigid cardboard. Mark these boxes as Glass and take special care in handling. Refrigerator Switch-off the refrigerator at least two days before the stuffing schedule. Remove all the things from inside and clean it. Leave it to dry. Fix all the loose part from inside and outside of the refrigerator and by the tape. Fix the electrical chord on the either side. Use the original carton and also refer the user manual to correctly pack the Refrigerator. Air Conditioner Switch-Off air conditioner some time before the packing and remove the coils so they can dry. Remove the filter from inside. Tape the electrical chord on either side. Use the original carton for the stuffing of air-conditioners. Also use the original padding materials to fill the empty spaces inside the box. Computer Remove all the connecting wires and place all the part individually. Use plastic bag or any appropriate size of carton and group the small items like mouse, keyboards, connecting wires, speakers, etc. Mark the box as the Computer Accessories. Group the large items like monitor and CPU in their original boxes. Washing Machine Drain the water from washer. Clean the interior of the washing machine by any soft towels. Remove all the fixtures and pack them in plastic bags. Put some clothes inside tub to stop the rotating. Tape the electrical wire and lid on either side. Use the original carton with padding materials for stuffing of washing machine. These are the some common tips for the packaging of some household items. By considering these facts you can group your household belongings like expert Packers Movers Gurgaon . After the stuffing, you have to hire a reliable movers and packers of Gurgaon for the transpiration of belongings. By self stuffing of your goods you can save some valuable amount of money and have some different experience in your life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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