All the LIC policy holders can now make a hassle free payment without having to visit a local LIC office. You can make your payments via Net Banking, Debit/Credit Card. Heres a step-by-step procedure as to how exactly you can make your LIC policy premium payment online. Step 1: Go to the following link: You have to choose from the available payment options, registered user or pay direct (for not registered users). Step 2: If you are registered with LIC, then click on Registered User. Then, enter all the details required and submit the form. Following this, a user name and password is sent to your registered email id. Step 3: If you are not interested in the registration process, then you can pay your LIC premium directly and instantly. Fill in the form and choose payment mode and confirm your payment. If you are planning to pay online regularly then it would be better to register your policies with LIC. This is a one-time process. But, if you dont plan to pay online every time, then pay direct is a good option for you. Step 4: As a registered user, you can use your user name/login id and password to log in to your account. Step 5: You can click on Enrol Policy. Step 6: Enter your policy details and submit it. Step 7: In the next page, choose Pay Premium Online option. Step 8: Now, enter the policy number and premium amount being paid. Step 9: Choose your payment mode net banking or debit/credit card. If you choose net banking then a list of banks will be displayed. You have to choose the bank and enter your bank account details, etc. If you choose debit/credit card, then enter the card details like card number, card holders name, expiry date, cvv/cvc, etc. Step 10: Confirm your payment and as soon as the transaction is completed, a message displaying transaction successful can be seen on the computer screen. After this, a receipt is generated and sent to your registered email id. If you are a policy holder then you can check your policy status on LICs portal, by phone or by SMS. How to Check LIC Policy Status Online You can check your policy status using your policy number through LICs portal. In order to check policy status online, you must register with LIC. To do so, just follow the steps from 1 to 5 and then if you click on the policy number, you will be able to view the related details of the policy. Otherwise, you can click on View Enrolled Policies and see the policy status. Note: You will be able to view the policys status if you paid its premium online only. How to Check Policy Status Using Phone In case, you dont have access to internet then you can contact the LIC customer care. You can see the helpline numbers on the following page: How to Check Policy Status Using SMS You can get the policy details by sending SMS in the following format: ASKLIC < POLICY NO > PREMIUM/BONUS/REVIVAL/LOAN/NOM And then send it to 56767877 or 9664996649. PREMIUM is used for instalment premium under policy, REVIVAL means if the policy is lapsed, the revival amount payable, BONUS means the amount of bonus granted, LOAN means amount available as loan and NOM means details of nomination. For the pension policies type: LICPension < Policy Number > [STAT/ECDUE/ANNPD/PDTHRU/AMOUNT/CHQRET] And send it to 56767877. STAT indicates the IPP policy status, ECDUE indicates the existence certificate due, ANNPD indicates last annuity released date, PDTHRU indicates annuity payment through cheque/ECS/NEFT, AMOUNT indicates annuity amount and CHQRET indicates the cheque return information. I hope you find this article useful. If you wish to give your suggestions, then you can leave your comments here. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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