Gunman caused mass panic police linkage 18 hours the Xunqiang (correspondent Lu Senlin) the day before, together with the Bureau received a gun police intelligence, police after 18 hours of continuous fighting, finally find out the truth, the result is beyond all expectations. In late November 4th 10 pm, police branch of Hanzhoung Road police station received a Hantai entertainment, said that a wearing camouflage uniforms, wearing a police training cap gunman from the Wanbang Times Square at the entrance to the street in the direction of Wanbang ran away, causing panic among the witnesses. Report to the principal leaders of the branch immediately after the police station alarm, report to the Council and the Bureau designated Hanzhoung Road police station and police brigade four squadron organized forces rushed to the scene investigation. At the same time, in view of involving firearms, and the police dressed in clothing, the major branch of the Chinese Embassy, immediately to the army, the armed police detachment, fire brigade sent investigation letter requesting an investigation. The Council and the branch technical staff in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment and Criminal Investigation Bureau in charge of the leadership of the first time rushed to the scene. After all night work, Interpol four squadrons of police on November 5th at about 4 pm to find the gunman. After investigation, the man is a minor military enthusiasts, nurtured by the family love the military, worship of soldiers, usually like imitation army clothing. 4 evening, the public places in the armed branch of a common BB toy gun, look like the simulation gun, let people witnessed the mistaken genuine. At present, someone’s boy after criticism has been released to their parents. Police tip: To investigate the matter, the city dispatched police totaling hundreds of people 18 hours of continuous work, taking up public resources greatly. Love military understandable, in violation of the laws and regulations of the premise, but also pay attention to activities, so as not to cause public panic. Note: video only for extended reading. Jiangsu: girlfriend bar will be friends to discuss the gunman相关的主题文章:


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