Scenic off-season winter tour of the tricks and the introduction of preferential group purchase winter, for some relatively strong seasonal attractions to the park closed measures, and many scenic spots are beginning to carry out various activities and preferential measures to deal with the off-season and open the winter tour market, as long as the novel always find ways to attract tourists. The introduction of preferential and buy some scenic spots to take advantage of the price concessions. Hebei Shanhaiguan Scenic Area Marketing Manager Yang Guang told the Beijing morning news reporters: "tickets more than 50% preferential policies off-season season, such as the increase in long-term train propaganda, more than 500 people team currently in the off-season has received 3 batches, and the current data show that compared to the previous year off-season market growth of more than 50%. The best in all the land off the original price 50 yuan price of 15 yuan, the old leader of the original 50 yuan price of 20 yuan, Meng Jiangnu temple, the original 25 yuan price of 10 yuan." Beijing Miyun Mountain Scenic Area House deputy general manager Gao Shanping said that in the winter due to launch some promotions can drive the passenger flow, such as from now until April 30, 2017 on the launch of the music to enjoy the courtyard every 298 yuan premium experience coupons, including three meals a day and a night, only on Sunday to Thursday, each coupon can experience in four. The mountain home area for off-season planning a series of theme activities, such as night lighting, mountain farmland and Mt. · early activities; classroom activities such as dance dance in the valley, with activities to boost the occupancy rate of the hotel off-season. Seize the seasonal landscape of the United States price concessions, a number of scenic spots in accordance with the seasonal landscape of the winter to develop appropriate tourism projects and theme activities. Beijing Miyun cool Valley Scenic Spot Market Manager Zhou Rui said, first of all, the winter cool valley will form bingpu landscape, now the glass and glass plank corridor has opened, visitors can experience the free glass cliff, look forward to most tourists can walk along the cliff at the same time enjoy glass next to the waterfall landscape at the edge of the cliff, watching through the glass plank the waterfall landscape is very spectacular shock. Secondly, the winter for love challenge to stimulate the people prepared a skating rink of tourism projects this year, the ice skating rink was built along the mountain road from top to bottom of the slithering fun, there are also some snow snow snow play play play features. According to the Beijing Huairou Hongluo Temple scenic area in the winter, Dong Jiande introduced, through some of the seasonal scenery to attract tourists, launched in November December and Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Exhibition. The exhibition will continue until after the Spring Festival, the Spring Festival will also be held for temple Hongluo Temple, through these activities for tourists to enjoy the fun of the strange winter tour. After the fun of the combination of children’s license should be seasonal landscape, some scenic spots began to play parent-child activities. Beijing Fengtai world flower Wonderland Park Xu Qiang told the Beijing morning news reporters: "winter around the park landscape to carry out some science and life of the parent-child theme activities, through the theme of activities to attract children and parents participation and interaction, in order to let more tourists enjoy the family tour the park." Beijing Changyu AFIP international Miyun Chateau Pan Jinjin said: "the winter will be mainly through a number of activities to attract tourists, such as walking, a little, some parenting classes or sports, at the same time)相关的主题文章:


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