Hard stepmother! The girls mother Zhang Yuqi sound: don’t take my children to show the number of public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Original title: Zhang Yuqi following the girls mother voice: please do not take my children to show Zhang Yuqi and Yuan Bayuan Sina entertainment news recently, Zhang Yuqi [micro-blog] stepdaughter mother Ge Xiaoqian Bo, shelling before Zhang Yuqi drying out and Bayuan yuan, the daughter of a family of three family portrait, denounced Zhang Yuqi: "self deception, don’t give I show the children". There are also online support Ge Xiaoqian, said Ge Xiaoqian in the early days of his marriage with his wife, gave birth to a daughter in the early days of the year, the first time in. In June this year, Yuan Bayuan and Ge Xiaoqian out of pairs. The bestie rebuked Zhang Yuqi "holding someone else’s child kissing someone else’s husband," pure children show stimulation is the use of Ge Xiaoqian. Recently, Zhang Yuqi has become a big entertainment flash marriage, Yuan Bayuan’s family about the groom is also friends pick "completely". Some netizens pointed out that Yuan Bayuan had a wedding with a woman. After Zhang Yuqi Bo clarified, said her husband had a female but not married, and that children of this marriage gives her a wonderful gift, but also drying out her daughter and husband and wife two people together, that family happiness, but still could not stop the attack of. Before, have you found Yuan Bayuan daughter’s mother Ge Xiaoqian micro-blog in her daughter’s photograph were deleted. Ge Xiaoqian responded in user comments: "mom should do, is to protect the child, don’t push the child to don’t use child speculation in the teeth of the storm." Alluding to his deleted micro-blog in order to protect the privacy of their children. While the "illegitimate" controversy, Ge Xiaoqian also comments on micro-blog responded: "when I married him in the start-up period, in addition to a wedding, with a naked marriage." The Ge Xiaoqian changed the silence, suddenly in micro-blog shelling Zhang Yuqi, attracted netizens hot. The netizen thinks Ge Xiaoqian not move, "it is not good for her daughter. Later people how to get along?" Some netizens are curious Yuan Bayuan first let Ge Xiaoqian unmarried, and in the case of flash marriage partner Zhang Yuqi, which is not a small amount of information, the ring true chaos!" "So, the man is the dregs!" Some netizens think that the former incumbent shelling script "deja vu, only one person I thought of Wang Feng [micro-blog] and Ge Yunjie, and Liu Xiang and Ge day?" "Ge Xiaoqian, Ge Huijie, Ge day, three former Ge surname hand served as unambiguous!" (Intern flute son text) more exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章:


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