Ms. Cao Zhoushan a woman raising grandchildren 6 years on account of what non son flesh lived in Zhoushan in Shenjiamen recently Putuo trouble, first raised 6 grandchildren, paternity found not flesh and blood, then the child on the account was in trouble again. The child is 6 years old, born in the home after the birth of Ms. cao. The child’s mother child is Putuo Zhan Mao Lo people, children before the age of 20, was the son of Wang and Ms. Cao’s love, then Wang under 22 years of age, not to the legal age of marriage, two people are not married. The child was born after more than a year, children in prison, after no news. In order to give the child to apply for household registration, Ms. Cao to the police station for the consultation process, the hometown police station said the boy to paternity test, identification is your son, you can give him into account." In May, they commissioned a forensic forensic forensic identification done in Shanghai, but the results so that they were shocked: ruled out Wang for the boy’s biological father. Police said, in this case, we must find the child’s mother. Ms. Cao told reporters, he and I have to bring my ID card, you can put the child’s birth certificate to do it, to the police station will be able to run the account." After several twists and turns, Ms. Cao found the child’s mother child, "she told me that my son and you can not, I can not say also never mind, you go, can you come back to see the child, she said when I grow up I will fuck him, I will be in charge of his money, this no contact over the years." Ms. Cao said, if the child’s mother to raise the child, they are willing to send their children to surrender, but must pay alimony child this six years, if not willing to raise the mother, she is willing to continue to raise children, but the mother must cooperate with the children for the household registration formalities, and the payment before six years and future support fee. Luo Men community staff communication after the child’s mother learned that the child is not local at present, about raising children, and willing to. Zhejiang six (Zhoushan) and lawyer Zhou Shizhong said, Ms. Cao and his son Wang mother child has the right to recover the cost of raising children, if Ms. Cao will continue to raise children, the need for custody determination, we must first ask her and the written opinions of her parents, they made it clear that there is no ability to raise. Or to give up custody, by the parents of minors the location of the village committee, is our Zhoushan community, through community consent to the selected guardians." Before the show, Ms. Cao gave us a call, saying that a local school children of migrant workers are willing to accept the child, the community said it would help the child with a good admission procedures.相关的主题文章:


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