Sukasa Youko was fascinated by the man listened to the voice roles want the power to send pregnant Akiyama Mio is voiced by Sukasa Youko with many famous characters, but also for "attack of the giant" animation singing song. Japanese media have selected ten voice roles she the most fascinating, "girls! "Akiyama Mio in the first row. [ten] voice roles Higasa Yoko fascinating: First Girls ("Akiyama mio! "Akiyama Mio is a private) Cherry Hill girls high school keroro bassist and vocalist, Higasa Yoko to sound natural smooth deduce the shy girl image is very serious. The role made her popularity soared, many otaku win support. Second place: · Gimonty ("devil College D× D") is a long red hair beautiful girl, beautiful appearance, excellent performance, is also a perfect miss. Optima will be the male owner after the end of the temporary contraction, so also called switch princess. Hikasa this role with full color gas, also can show a girl full of flavor in the fight scenes. Third: tour Zuohui ("beauty work! The demon lord ") this is a crusade against the devil girl role attribute is half man and half angel, hikasa improvisation has won a reputation for this work, also proved that the strength of her. Fourth: ("delusion Amakusa Shino" fifth students): Xiao of Zhou ("infinite Stratos") sixth: snow wild rose ("Fox path × SS: Seventh servants") to Zi ("demon") Eighth: cut Kyoko ("fog on the projectile broken") ninth: Revenge of the tooth, akechi mitsuhide ("Warring States" of tenth): Da Tsuko ("popping girl") Click to download the Tencent animation APP, more popular animation works.相关的主题文章:


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