Zhoushan guy want to buy a plug-in grab the red envelope was cheated 4480 yuan WeChat grab red, this is an active atmosphere of the small game, grab more grab less, we are happy. Zhoushan Dinghai guy Hemou because they often rob but others, from the Internet to download a software to help grab ", the result makes him more depressed happened: cheated 4480 yuan. He excitedly each place open envelopes, the result is always being the heart is very uneven, The early bird catches, that helps to grab red software, inviting. September 15th, Hemou on Baidu search, find a supreme King grab a red envelope software, in accordance with the above contact left, and a call customer service hotline micro signal plus friends. The other said, prepaid 200 yuan to send software. The other sent to a two-dimensional code payment, Hemou sweep paid 200 yuan, really received the other sent to software. However, Hemou on the phone to download the installation is complete, ready to log in, found the need to log in password. Customer service hotline, said the need to pay 780 yuan to give the password. He readily paid, but still can not log in. One of those who want to grab a red envelope. Customer service hotline to contact someone technician, and told the micro signal. Technician said on WeChat, the software must pay royalties to log in, including the use of six months to 2000 yuan. Hemou according to pay 2000 yuan after the discovery or not. The other explanation, now half permission use personnel quota, Hemou to spend 3500 yuan to buy the right to use the year. So, he will pay an additional 1500 yuan. "Technician" said, 15 minutes after the re download, you can grab a red envelope, to ensure that a grab a quasi. Eventually, he found that the software is still unable to log in, and then find the customer service hotline and technician, they found themselves pulled black. At this time, what one did know he cheated 4480 yuan, Dinghai east to the local police station reported. Police tip: such deception is the use of people covet cheap psychology, through the Internet, such as QQ and WeChat released for sale "grab red software" false information, once the people take the initiative to contact, then for various reasons for payment, and the so-called software cannot be used. People do not lose a lot of money because of a small red envelope.相关的主题文章:


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