The Bundesliga SMG 2 string 1: Village Hall with Cologne unbeaten home court Sunday 039 enemy Bundesliga Hoffenheim VS Berlin Herta 2016-10-30 22:30 the current combat team of Hoffenheim in the home court Thursday morning of the German Cup in 90 minutes away than 1 1 draw with League rivals the Cologne team, by the end of four wins in all competitions. The Hoffenheim team in the opening eight minutes using the corner kick opportunity to break the deadlock but missed the opportunity to expand the score after the opponent by indirect free kick to tie the score, and then launch the attack and the opponent in overtime just a minute by the opponent in the score, the final few chances after continuous waste away than 1 2 defeat. After the Hoffenheim team coach Nag J Alleemann said the team in the game 20 minutes before the game completely but because the ball is easily rival equaliser in extra time and unfortunately failed to score. This Sunday in Berlin Herta home court team coach Nagel Hirshman said, the Hoffenheim and the Cologne team with a similar game opponent has a very good game plan, the Hoffenheim team must further improve the state of the team and try to keep the League unbeaten record. From the injury situation, Shi Wei, his main defensive midfielder semi semi main attacking midfielder is in his rehabilitation, other players can play. The visitors are away away from home in Berlin team Herta on Wednesday in the morning of the German Cup in 2 to 0 victory over De Yi Pauli team two wins in all competitions. After the opening of the Berlin team Herta dominated the race after a patient organization to break the deadlock at the end of the first half and in the second half started to expand the score, then has not been able to grasp the opportunity to obtain the final goal to end the game of suspense, away 2 to 0 win, Herta after the Berlin team coach Dahl Day said the team controlled the game well and in the key moment of the match score. This Sunday’s challenge Hoffenheim team, Herta Berlin team coach Dahl Day said this is a contest to have excellent well-matched in strength of the two teams in Berlin center, the Herta team must be in fifteen minutes before the game and try to remain vigilant with excellent performance to prove that he is a strong team. From the injury situation, former goalkeeper Wei khobor, Trinidad is main of rehabilitation treatment, main left back Plattenhardt, the main defender S. Lange injured Camp, half the main attacking midfielder Duda is the state of adjustment, the main attacking midfielder Storck red card suspension, semi main defensive midfielder Ruth ten Berg back injury. The field of lottery SMG fixed bonus for 2.10 out of Shengping Fu 3.30 2.87, the home team let 1 ball Shengping Fu fixed bonus of 4.30 4 1.55, slightly optimistic about the team in the home court winning Hoffenheim. The Hoffenheim team in the week in the German Cup game away after extra time to cherish the Cologne team but remain unbeaten in this season, 2 wins in 2 games this season home court draws into 6 ball lost 4 goals and unbeaten in the face of many enemies, who will continue to home court winning streak with home court advantage. Berlin Herta in the week in the German Cup victory in easy to win and in the last five games to win the 3 wins and 2 draws.相关的主题文章:


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