The FX drama "taboo" Trailer Tom · Hardy from savage to businessman [Abstract] "taboo" the story takes place in 1814, was originally thought to have been long gone from Africa, James suddenly returned to London, inherited his father’s shipping empire. James from the other end of the earth, has been completely changed. Tom Hardy starred in the miniseries taboo taboo "taboo" burst the latest Trailer Tencent entertainment news (Wen Dongqi) on Wednesday FX by "American horror story: Roanoke" (American Horror Story: Roanoke) launched the Dongfeng, released the mini series "taboo" (Taboo) TV trailer. "Old wet soup" Tom · Hardy (Tom Hardy) the former was photographed naked savage photos finally had explained, he played in the James · Delany lived in Africa for many years. The story of "taboo" took place in 1814, when James, who was supposed to have been out of the world, returned to London from Africa and inherited his father’s shipping empire. From the other end of the earth return James, has been completely changed, on the one hand he tried to mess up his father, on the other hand, start their own lives. But he faced the enemy lurking in the dark corner look at fiercely as a tiger does, ready to take him to swallow, a conspiracy, intertwined with murder, betrayal and dark family secrets of love and hate intertwined, cut and chaotic. The play seems to have some supernatural elements, of course, it could just be producer Ridley · Scott (Ridley Scott) and Steven · (Steven Knight); knight play cover. "Taboo" stories by Hardy and his father. Hardy · (Chip Hardy), and · (Oona Chaplin Fiona; Chaplin), Michael · Kelly (Michael Kelly), David Heyman · (David Hayman) and Jonathan · precy (Jonathan Pryce) jointly compiled. "Taboo" in the first quarter of eight, will be launched in FX at the beginning of next year.相关的主题文章:


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