What does he say about the · in Milan, the Kundla translator, the Eastern European literature? [Abstract] although intellectuals have never stopped all the history of hatred and bloodshed, they have stopped the formation of a religion of hatred and bloodshed. Because of that, in two thousand years, "although human evil, but good." The lecture will be given by Nanjing University professor jingkaixuan. A number of works that have been translated by Kundla. In August 27th, glacier thought library national speaking tour held in Nanjing in the first phase, the speaker is Professor of Nanjing University jingkaixuan, the topic of the lecture is "European literature and intellectuals". On the same day, a total of more than 200 readers to participate in the activities of the site of the glacier thinking speech. The following is the text of the speech according to the day of finishing. The full text is reviewed and authorized by the speaker. The topic of my speech today is "Eastern European literature and intellectuals". In fact, we all know that the writers are not necessarily intellectuals, intellectuals mainly refers to those who have public concern, often expressed their views on public affairs. With regard to, most Eastern European writers can be regarded as intellectuals, most of them are thought and knowledge of the writer, in the works of modern people’s existence has made the description and deep thoughts, especially in the face of traditional values after the demise of the sense of crisis, to ask what is literature, what is the existence of people, what is the major problem of modernity. In addition, the moderator spoke of my many years ago a talk about intellectuals in "what is" intellectual "" this article is using the knowledge archaeology method, the research of Chinese word "intellectual" is how come, the conclusion is that the earliest use of the word is the Communist Party of china. What is meant by the modern Chinese words of intellectuals is a modern expression of the universal cognition of "intellectuals". That is to say, the concept of the nineteenth Century from the Russian or English disagreement occurred in twentieth Century, is a kind of Gramsci’s definition, he put the intellectuals into "traditional" and "organic" two, "organic intellectuals" refers to the economic and political attached to a social group, the social group in the in the forming process of "organic" created by the knowledge groups, so they need to express the social ideology and interest group. In the west, most intellectuals identity is the definition of gramsci. Another is Julian · Banda’s definition, "he wrote in the betrayal of the intellectuals", the role of intellectuals is the use of transcendence and abstract principle of writing, explore the universal value of the eternal. The speech activities respectively in the video and broadcast live rogue Tencent. Although intellectuals have never stopped the whole history of hatred and bloodshed, they have stopped the formation of a religion of hatred and bloodshed. Because of that, in two thousand years, "although human evil, but good." However, since the end of the nineteenth Century, by the state nationalism and class struggle the temptation to betray the universal values of the intellectuals to defend the independence, willing to become a vassal state, nation or class, advocating special ethics and universal moral contempt. Most of the Eastern European writers are Banda and Gramsci.相关的主题文章:


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