Changsha September city management rankings are published on the top of Yuelu Tianxin Furong city management Changsha Sanyuan Title: September rankings released Yuelu ranked the top three Changsha Tianxin lotus palm Changsha October 9th evening news today (9 days), City Management Committee Office announced in September the city’s urban management comprehensive evaluation. According to the regional comprehensive ranking, Tianxin District ranked the first place in Furong district, Yuelu District, Yuhua District, Kaifu District ranked second to fifth place. In September, City Management Committee Office of vertical and horizontal, daily unannounced inspections of assessment methods, high tech Zone, Changsha County, Wangcheng, five district and directly under the relevant units of city management work carried out examination, examination of primary and secondary roads, road, an important area, large market, public places, Liang Handong bridge (Park, farmers market, schools hospital garbage station, etc.), public toilet community, urban management and law enforcement personnel of various types of samples 585, 42438 kinds of city management acquisition. Last month was the assessment in the streets, the top three are: the streets of Yuhua District Dong Tang street, Furong district, Yuhua District Jing Wan sub street. In the assessment community, the top three are: Yuhua District, Yuhua District Community wells Wang Zheng Hospital community, Furong district, east to the community; at the end of three, Kaifu District, Yuelu District Kaifu Temple Road community Gaoling Rong Bay community, Kaifu District and village. (Changsha evening news reporter Tang Zhaozhao)相关的主题文章:


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