Presentation! QuZhou Railway Station area, the new State Road 351, there is a new development of traffic travel relationship between you and me. This does not, the recent two Quzhou traffic travel project and new progress! QuZhou Railway Station area infrastructure engineering contracting (EPC) project bidding some time ago, Qu small cloth brought in, the QuZhou Railway Station area for small partners recently, and the latest developments! Recently, Quzhou City, the first government investment construction project of EPC – the city of Quzhou train station area infrastructure engineering contracting (EPC) completed bidding smoothly in Quzhou city public resources trading center, marking the city rail station block construction work has entered a new stage. What supporting projects Quzhou City train station area infrastructure project is located in Quzhou City, the central city in the south of the axis of development — Lotus Road, north to West Road (State Road 320), West planning quhua West Road, east of quhua Road, South Gate of Quzhou. The total land area of the project is 158.757 hectares, of which the land area is about 175 thousand and 360 square meters, and the land area of green land is about 180 thousand and 790 square meters. The cost of the construction project for 249 million 723 thousand and 266 yuan. The scope of the project for the city of Quzhou train station area infrastructure project preliminary design within the scope of the road engineering, bridge and culvert, rebuilding water supply project, rainwater engineering, sewage works, drainage works, drainage engineering, reconstruction of greening projects and traffic facilities, lighting engineering, power engineering (only part of the civil) and other facilities construction engineering contracting (EPC). The EPC content of this project includes survey, construction drawings design, equipment procurement, transportation, inspection and storage and installation, construction of buildings and ancillary facilities of municipal, civil, commissioning, acceptance and warranty services. Construction period of 14 months after the announcement of the tender notice, the province attracted a large number of qualified engineering contracting enterprises competing to participate in the tender. After fierce competition in the opening scene, the evaluation committee comprehensive assessment, the final success of the China United Engineering Company won the title, becoming the number one of the candidates, the price of 232 million 289 thousand and 265 yuan, the construction period of 14 months. Through bidding, a total savings of 17 million 434 thousand and 1 yuan of government funds, the share capital rate of up to 6.98%. Say so much still do not know what is EPC? Come together, up posture: what is the EPCEPC Engineering (Design), Procurement (Purchasing), Construction (construction) combination, refers to the general contractor enterprises in accordance with the contract, to undertake the project design, procurement, construction and commissioning work, project contracting and quality, safety, schedule, responsible for the overall cost, China is the implementation of a major general contracting mode. Quzhou section of national highway 351 through the work review at the beginning of September, Quzhou will brush a new national news friends circle, recently, the new road also have new moves! September 14th, the Zhejiang Provincial Department of transportation in Quzhou organized an expert review will be reviewed by the 351 national highway Quzhou project feasibility study report.相关的主题文章:


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