Nouveau riche 1 minutes ho throw 1 million reward female anchor net red tears out of control in October 24, live on the fire? On the streets, shopping malls, conference everywhere saw the people live at the big reward nouveau riche anchor also emerge in an endless stream of news. Last weekend, a small video playing tour network anchor nouveau riche red on the network crazy pass, the nouveau riche in just 1 minutes ho throw 1 million yuan, net red tears was out of control. On the evening of 22, "Guan Miao sweet pepper anchor ~Miti" in live music and dancing in the process, a netizen suddenly love to her, said: "the Red Net anchor disdain 10 BLUELOVER will go with you." A terrified scene occurred: the nouveau riche boasted to the package under the anchor a year later in less than 1 minutes of continuous send 500 bluelover! BLUELOVER is the broadcast platform virtual gifts, 1 BLUELOVER value of 19999 pepper bean, equivalent to about 2000 yuan. Onlookers users roughly translates 500 BLUELOVER is equivalent to 1 million rmb! It’s obvious to drop from the clouds Hao Li anchor be caught off guard. At the beginning of the anchor does not believe, originally in front of the camera and her fans laughing, with a "BLUELOVER" on the screen out, she was stunned to address him: 100!" When the 500 virtual gifts all send out, anchor already froze, for a few seconds before her eyes turned red tears in the studio. This scene shocked the crowd of fans, they could not help but sigh: "alive gifts nouveau riche scene", "1 minutes 1 million yuan, anchor winner in life!" At the same time, many users have also recorded a small video sharing on the network, incomplete statistics, this video has been shared 10 million times, a total of watching the 100 million. Small video transmission also sparked the attention of many users in the online crazy, people sigh and atmosphere have "nouveau riche practices, when I beg that nouveau riche seek to take away!" Also, some of the practices that do not show such a shame, they said: the rich great ah! Such a 1 minute ho throw million play also broke the broadcast industry record. In this regard, experts remind: the nouveau riche approach is not worthy of emulation, the anchor should not be "overnight" luck.相关的主题文章:


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