Hu Ge Show Luo Feng Mingchao was killed by Yan value "Ma Bao male" Tencent entertainment news "Mom treasure male" as is what all listen to her mother, what the mother is right, what is the mother as the center of the men, they will make people feel not assertive, not independent, after Luigi Nono, but no responsibility sense. But as a matter of fact, most male stars of the entertainment is "Mom Po Man", Hu Ge Show Luo Feng Mingchao and other stars is a typical representative of "Mom Po Man", in life, although they are extremely listens to his mother’s boy, but they are also Yan value killer, manliness, have a want to be the desire for women in my arms. "Ma Po Man" in the life of Hu Ge Hu Ge is a very good little listens to his mother, mother said he did not dare to say two, in order to express love for the mother, Hu Ge will also be their parents’ wedding as a tattoo tattooed on his back, even his girlfriend because mom served as "not satisfied" and regret break up, but Hu Ge is a real man, earnest and responsible, is full of life, he also love photography, love writing, his unique perspective, full of whimsy. Have to say, age makes him more "taste"". "Ma Po Man" Show Luo "pig" Show Luo the "casual" "Ma Po Man" is often in public with his mother mouth to play kiss, this mother love way in the circle is to find a second. But it’s just the way she shows her love to her mother. Show Luo’s resourcefulness and ultra high EQ absolute subversion of the definition of "Ma Po Man". "Ma Po Man" Feng Mingchao another "Ma Bao Man" Feng Mingchao, since its debut on the "little Daniel Wu" said in an interview, he jokes that he actually in his life as a child grow up, time to look at his mother company, micro-blog is more than half in the cloud and his mother "sister interaction. This may make people think that Feng Mingchao has a love of the plot, that it can not be separated from the mother. But Feng Mingchao is actually a love lead a fast free man, said he is most afraid of "adoptive parents wait, mom and completely frequent interaction is that you want to accompany mother. In fact, mother treasure man does not mean not independent, does not mean not a man, but does not mean weakness, but a man’s greatest filial piety to his mother. Relatives, more like old friends, can talk to each other, this may be the best condition to get along with their families.相关的主题文章:


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