Han new anti-corruption for civil servants affected by the impact of restaurant meals restrictions – Beijing, Beijing, September 28, according to foreign media reports, in order to curb corruption, South Korea from 28 local time, the implementation of the new legislation to prohibit civil servants, private school teachers and journalists received more than 30 thousand won food hospitality. Senior restaurant operators believe that the new law is too harsh, seriously affecting their business, and even some people consider graduation. Reported that the restaurant operators said, because customers worried about illegal, led to the recent sharp decline in number of restaurant reservations. There is a restaurant price of 29 thousand and 800 won the dinner package, the use of imported beef in the United States instead of expensive beef cattle. The new law also prohibits the relevant person in charge of the present value of more than 50 thousand won, and received more than 100 thousand won in cash gift wedding or funeral. Accepting more than 1 million won gift, can be sentenced to prison for 3 years or a fine of 30 million won. Department stores have begun to prepare cheaper gifts, and even golf courses have been forced to cut prices. A new method for anti-corruption crackdown benefit behavior, such as teachers, the parents received the gifts for their children good grades; the reporter receiving bribes after deliberately made to bribe favorable report, and businessmen to officials clear, to speed up the bureaucracy. Due to the fact that the prosecution proved difficult to bribe in exchange for the past, many people accused of bribery were eventually taken off. South Korean civil servants think the influence range is too wide, such as the elders pay in private parties, as long as there are civil servants, who may treat into french.相关的主题文章:


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