Great wisdom · environment; Gaia curtain Paris spirit show legend Gaia countdown to the opening paragraph from the Royal Garden Chinese movement flourishing Old Summer Palace scene with an epic show China combined with traditional civilization across time and space barriers mark in the graceful traces of memory and speech era started slowly a garden in the history of the shuttle travel to deduce the legendary beauty of Oriental women… Great intellectual environment & #183; the legend of Paris spirit Gaia Gaia big show countdown to the opening ceremony of the history of civilization, its heritage. As China high-end fashion brand Heaven Gaia legend of Gaia, will shock debut 2017 Paris fashion week in October 5th, which is also the first landing in Paris, the Royal Opera House China designer brand. Then, the strength of the actors were Huang Bo, Zhou Tao, presided over the CCTV golden microphone BTV rising star Li Kun and other famous celebrities in The Paris Opera House and you will witness the China top clothing cultural feast. This release will depart from Old Summer Palace different styles of landscape, the description of different cultural background China feminine beauty, from the Old Summer Palace to reverse the "present", "recall" and "reproduce" the three aspects of the Oriental aesthetic culture. The sun rises, the layers of a house, scattered arrangement, Oriental woman shuttle in the Royal Garden, looked like a mirage, showing an elusive dream. Through the reproduction of the ancient Chinese prosperity and prosperity, it is implied that the world remember and face up to history. China impetuous spread, memory and civilization slowly faded, should say the shouldn’t disappear and thelapping, nature is from the Royal Garden of memory. Calm and quiet, dignified and beautiful, gentle and mysterious fiery, sad and helpless faint, realistic permeated with the beauty of traditional Chinese. This release works to bring the Western skills using smart, given its Chinese spirit, let each costumes are full of poetic life, the interpretation of the Oriental aesthetic instruction. On this release spring summer 2017 haute couture designer Xiong Ying expressed his unique views: "the position of national development and global ascension makes us get more and more attention in the field of fashion and culture. In my opinion, the Chinese element is not only a totem concept, nor is it just a simple pattern. For thousands of years, our ancestors have left a precious legacy of wisdom, for our Chinese designers, it takes more time to understand and digest the connotation of traditional culture. Therefore, we released the works will be organically combined with the history of the world famous Chinese royal garden, Old Summer Palace, to strengthen public awareness on the China culture, we deduce the core spirit of the Chinese." Heaven Gaia adhering to the design idea of smart Gaia legend, in a rapidly changing trend in standing in the peak of fashion. This time, as Chinese historical heritage and carry forward the Chinese culture, innovator, Heaven Gaia of Gaia and legends of the "civilized fashion" walk this visual art to the interpretation of China grand historical image, will lead the China apparel brand in the new era of opportunity before, ingenuity dream cast! October 5th!相关的主题文章:


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