Martial-Arts Self defense should be taught to all ages and parents know that their child needs to be able to defend themselves against bullies and general hoodlums on the street. You also need to learn some moves yourself but you just dont know if what you learned is good enough. You have no idea if your childs martial arts class is helping them nor do you know if your self defense class is helping you. Chances are, if you are not following the principles set forth by Chris Pizzo the classes of you and your child arent worth a damn. You need to look for ways to gauge the effectiveness of what youre doing so here are some tips to help you decide whether your program is of any use. Programs like Close .bat Training are designed to defend you from modern day attacks. Captain Chris explains what kind of moves you can expect to deal with when dealing with a street attack. So if the classes that you and your child are taking do not take into account the modern day hoodlum then they are pretty useless. Certain martial arts techniques are guilty of showing moves that will get you into trouble in todays world. It is not the seventeenth century any more, people fight a hell of a lot differently now than back then. Although it is hard to tell for sure, it is unlikely that broken bottles were a staple of hand to hand .bat three hundred years ago! Chris Pizzo ensures that his maneuvers work well against attackers that are bigger and stronger than you and they also ensure that people with an average level of endurance can defend themselves adequately. Street fights happen fast so there is no time to think, you have to just do. This means that what you learn must .e naturally so if the moves you learn in your class doesnt .e easy to you, then it is useless. Also, attackers prey on weak and vulnerable people. Your classes should demonstrate what to do when faced with someone bigger and stronger. If all the class does is pit you against people of equal size and skill then forget about it. There is nothing more important than having a teacher that have real world experience in self defense. Martial arts and self defense classes all over the world are taught by people who have never been in a real fight. For all we know, they could be exceptionally skilled, but equally, they may discover that everything they learned was useless when it came to defending a random attack. What you need is someone like Captain Chris who knows what it feels like to be attacked. More importantly, he knows what it feels like to win, all the time. If his techniques have been proven to work in real life situations then there is no reason not to learn them. If the classes that you and your child take do not pass all the above tests, then you need to drop them and learn self defense moves that actually work. Look for guidance off Chris Pizzo and his Close .bat Training program. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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