Arts-and-Entertainment If you are a TV buff, you may have seen episodes of Ugly Betty that was quite a popular TV show on the ABC Network in the US the show we created by Silvio Horta and there was a time when the show enjoyed a lot of popularity with viewers as it had them in splits. The Ugly Betty Show is a spinoff of the Colombian show Yo soy Betty, la fea and its original creator for Colombian TV was Fernando Gaitian. The show was produced by Reveille as well as Silent H Ventanarosa. The main shooting of the show was in the city of LA, while some parts of the show were filmed in NYC also. The Ugly Betty storyline centers on the life and incidents of Betty Suarez. Betty is shown a sobering a simple, and not attractive girl for Queens. This rather nave girl lands a job in the high fashion magazine Mode. She is the personal assistant to Daniel Meade, the son of the owner of Mode, Bradford Meade. Bradford has intentionally employed Betty as he hopes that Daniel would not flirt with a girl like Betty, as Daniel has the image and reputation of being a playboy. With the passage of time, Daniel and Betty be.e great friends and the story looks at the incidents that occur in a rather .ic light. The show casts America Ferrera who essays the role of Betty Suarez. Along with this there is Eric Mabius who takes on the role of Daniel Meade and Vanessa Williams who plays the role of Wilhelmina Slater and Tony Plana whose role in Ugly Betty is that of Ignacio Suarez. Ana Ortiz plays the role of Hilda Suarez in the show. After having had 4 seasons, ABC announced in Jan 2010 that there would be no 5th season of Ugly Betty due to flagging viewer interest in the show. This was a difficult decision for the show creators but something that they had to take in order to address this issue, as the ratings and popularity of the show had dipped quite drastically in recent times. Nonetheless, in its 4 seasons Ugly Betty had been rather popular and it has been carried to 130 counties and translated into so many languages. This is a proof of the fact that the show had be.e quite popular around the globe. If you want to have a look at the Ugly Betty TV Show and Watch Ugly Betty Free, you will be happy to know that the online versions of the TV series are not available for yourself paced and free viewing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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