Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Cashback sites are a relatively new phenomenon, but they are making a big impression in the UK. They are giving money back to people for doing their regular online shopping, or in this case, making no purchases at all. Read on to find out more. How Does The Cashback System Work? Cashback sites work by creating increased traffic to a particular company’s website. This company will then pay the cashback site commission for any leads or sales. The use of this system – called an affiliate program – is relatively widespread nowadays and is used to increase revenue for businesses. The programs vary – some pay money for every sale made, whilst some pay for every registration or for every survey that is filled in by a visitor to the site. When a transaction is made, the cashback site is paid a certain amount of commission. The cashback site then gives a percentage of this back to the customer. Hence why it is called cashback. Whilst affiliate programs have been around for a while, the process of passing on a certain percentage of money back to the customer is quite new – and is looking very popular. How You Can Get Paid For Spending Nothing So that’s the technical bit over with, so you’re asking how you can get free cashback on a daily basis. Well, this is done by sites that register with cashback sites to generate traffic and searches, obviously in the hope that they will generate sales, but you don’t have to buy anything, just generally perform a search. All you have to do is to go to the "recurring", or "daily cashback" section for that cashback site, and perform the searches or action requested. Its a simple as that. How Much Do I Get Paid The amount of money you can get varies depending on which site you use, but it is often between 1p and 5p per search you do. However, I’m sure you can see how if you use cashback sites on a regular basis – which can be done in a matter of seconds – then the money will quickly begin to build up. About the Author: is a site dedicated to helping you with all aspects of cashback – from cashback on your purchases to free cashback. Go to now to start getting the cash you deserve, not only for the online shopping you are already doing, but for non-purchase transactions too. Remember, this is available to everyone in the UK and is free. Note, this cashback is for UK residents only. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章:


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