Marriage-Wedding Planning an outdoor wedding? If so, then you know there is more to think about than just finding a pretty venue and renting equipment. When you are planning your wedding you will also need to consider the special needs of your guests and the uncertainty of the environment. Here are some tips for planning the perfect outdoor wedding: Keep the Guests Comfortable Consider the needs of your guests when you have an outdoor wedding. If it will be cool outside, plan on providing items to help keep them warm. If it will be hot, have plenty of water and cool towels on hand. Maybe even have some parasols or umbrellas to keep the sun off of sensitive guests. Make sure the chairs remain dry and do not heat up if they are exposed to the sunshine. Have a Contingency Plan Having an outdoor wedding means that you are subject to environmental changes. Create a plan for things like inclement weather or sudden changes to the terrain. Usually renting a tent will work to keep things going as planned, but make sure that it will suffice to keep you and your guests dry and protected from the elements. Watch the Weather Your contingency plan will usually cover you if you are planning your wedding outdoors and it rains. However, also be aware that your wedding could suffer from wind. Try to use fabrics that will hold up in the wind and ask your stylist to give you a style that will hold up on windy days. Have a Plan for Sound One of the most overlooked aspects of planning an outdoor wedding is the sound issue. While you may have found a serene environment in which to have your wedding, factors like the wind, waves, birds, trees, and more all find a way to block the sounds of your wedding ceremony from reaching your guests. Work with your DJ or venue to work on the sound so your guests can follow your ceremony. Don’t Be Bugged Bugs are a part of life and nature and they really like to join the party. Add items like citronella candles and bug spray to your list of items to purchase for the wedding. Even a bug zapper will help keep your guests from pesky little visitors. Outdoor Food Check with your caterer to be sure he or she understands the different needs of an outdoor wedding. For instance, many frostings cannot last very long in the heat, so your cake provider should be able to steer you toward correct choices. Stay Hydrated If you are having your wedding on a warm day make sure your wedding party and your guests have plenty of access to water and other drinks. Sunny Days Make sure you arrange your wedding so that the sun will be out of your guests’ eyes. If the sun is on the back of the guests they will be better able to actually see what is going on during the ceremony. Be Lawful Finally, be sure you have all the proper permits and documentation for your outdoor wedding. Each municipality is different, so check with your city to see what you will need. Also, have the paperwork on hand to provide any authorities that come to check on your celebration. Plus, make sure you follow any limits the city imposes on your celebration like hours your band can play and sound levels. About the Author: Chris Morton ran hotels and restaurants for 10 years, organising many successful weddings in the process. His wife Sue is a wedding coordinator who has help many nervous brides and their families. Visit for 100’s of tips showing you how to plan a great wedding day Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Marriage-Wedding 相关的主题文章:


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