Arts-and-Entertainment According to the Russian military news network on August 2, ugg classic tall sale reported recently on the emerging Chinese website docked in Dalian terminal "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier of the many new photos. All phenomena that China’s first aircraft carrier to sea trials soon.Russian media said the latest photos show, "Kuznetsov" aircraft have all been re-coating, the superstructure has been .pletely assembled radar and radio equipment, close-in system has been installed. Construction equipment on the flight deck and other ancillary facilities have been almost empty. Aircraft main power plant is being tested, the boiler turbine smoke started billowing smoke, uggs bailey button triplet the forum for many to rejoice in the fact that this is indeed about to fully demonstrate the aircraft carrier at sea. A few people choose the old Chinese aircraft carrier steam turbine-based power and disappointed. Also can clearly see that the aircraft carrier deck ramp covered with non-slip layer on stage, it should be able to strengthen the jump on the ship deck and slip plane meshing. All this indirect evidence about China’s first aircraft carrier to sea trials.Russian media said CCTV in China and is responsible for aircraft carrier project personnel experts to draw a live talk show "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier and carrier-based fighter model. It is reported that the recent delegation of Chinese officials visited the aircraft carrier. Very likely that the aircraft is actually ready to begin flight testing. ugg bailey button Is expected to sail in August for the first time during the F -15 being developed at the carrier-based fighter may not be taking off and landing training ship, boarding may be carrier-based helicopters. But entirely possible that Chinese officials might take a helicopter out to sea trials aboard the "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier deck. China will promote Chinese propaganda agency’s first aircraft carrier to the sea event. China has said, "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier will and F -20 fighter, "wind-21D", like anti-aircraft missiles, as the epoch-making military equipment, always keep in mind for the people,Is the so-called "hero", Makarov’s work coincided with the Soviet Union and the United States the most intense .petition for world hegemony during the Cold War, the Soviet leader put a lot of core strength development, "the red flag over the five oceans," the Navy, the Black Sea Shipyard the annual military ship construction tasks jam-packed, ugg classic short one of the most .pelling than the "1143.5 project", which is now the "Kuz.sov" aircraft carrier and the "Kuz.sov" aircraft carrier. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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