UnCategorized CAD software is a fundamental tool for engineers. CAD stands for .puter aided design. This software allows engineers to make digital drawings that can be transformed into 2D and 3D images for viewing as they might appear in real life. CAD document management is a system that helps engineers organize, share, and collaborate on CAD files. CAD document management is useful for engineers when they are in the field at construction sites. They only need to take along a laptop, or use any other available .puter, to access the main CAD file repository that is housed at the main office or hosted by a document management provider. They can access files from remote locations and use them for referral or to present to clients. Engineers can even update files from remote locations; co-workers in different countries can even work together on a CAD file when they share a CAD document management program. CAD document management gives engineers a great deal of flexibility when it .es to their job location. They can spend more time in a field office, or work from home. They have the same access to documents as they would in the home office. CAD document management is a vital tool for engineering firms that work on several projects at once and who have a large archive of CAD files. Document management systems catalog files and organize them for easy retrieval. The system has powerful built in search engines which makes it a snap to bring up related files. All of the .pany’s CAD documents are available at the push of a button and can be accessed from anywhere. CAD document management software has built-in audit trail tracking and .pliance reporting that makes staying in line with regulating authorities much simpler. Files can also be tracked individually so a record is kept of who viewed the file, and what edits where made. Different levels of security can be assigned to a CAD document management program. This allows selected users to have viewing access only and eliminates the risk of anyone making unauthorized changes to files. This lets engineers stay in close contact with clients, keeping them updated as the project progresses. CAD document management software also archives and organizes files other than CAD documents such as Excel files, Word files, and PDF documents. This keeps all necessary business documents in a central location, all accessible by the same search engine. Therefore engineers can make progress reports and projection reports much easier. The engineering industry and construction process generates a huge amount of data in the form of proposals, contracts, CAD drawings, materials requirements and purchase orders; not to mention all of the emails and faxes sent back and forth between engineers and clients. CAD document management integrates all data, capturing it automatically, and virtually eliminating the need for storing paper records. CAD document management makes the job of an engineer much more efficient. It streamlines .munication and distribution of files and provides automatic record keeping of file access and revisions. A document management system can be very expensive but trying to manage a successful engineering firm without CAD document management in place could lead to even more cost as well as a drop in productivity and increased risk of error and liability. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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