Home-and-Family Now that you are making amazing apparel for Dolly, take a moment in your preparation to think about some of the long-term effects of the materials and marvelous notions that you chose to add to Dolly’s clothing. Sewing for dolls is enjoyable, but you might want to consider if cleaning doll clothes that you’ve sewn. If you’re choosing to create a doll for show only, then selecting dry-clean only fabrics will not be a impediment. However, if your Dolly is going to be a best friend of a special child, be certain that when you’re sewing for dolls, you are choosing material that is simple to wash and somewhat hardy over time. Cottons are consistently an excellent choice as they last and are simple to clean. When cleaning doll clothes, it’s a great time to teach Dolly’s mistress how to care for her in order for her to last for a long time! Normal laundering methods are most likely not the best choice, although it may be the easiest and the fastest. It is worth a couple extra minutes to either wash the clothing by hand with a mild detergent such as Dreft, baby shampoo, or a mild dish soap. One could also choose to utilize a mesh laundry bag and a gentle washing cycle on your washing machine as a faster, but safe option when cleaning doll clothing that you’ve labored over. If you do not have a laundry bag, a pillow case with the end fastened will work well to safeguard the special clothes. Use the same sorting system that you would use for your usual laundry to avoid blunders with fading or streaking. Following cleaning your doll clothes, you should not use the dryer if at all possible to ensure that Dolly’s clothes last longer. Just hang them out to dry. Remember that the clothing with greater details and fragile embellishments on them will require greater caution when washing if you want them to stand up to the wear, tear, and love that a child will give their Dolly. When sewing for dolls, you need to consider what Dolly is constructed of as well! Make sure to keep Dolly in a cool, dry place. A cupboard or cabinet with glass doors is ideal, but any place that keeps Dolly dry, clean and dust free will work also. If she does get dusty and just needs to be spruced up, cover the end of your vacuum cleaner hose with an old stocking or nylon hose. Secure it onto the vacuum attachment and then suck the dust off. Dolly will be clean and dazzle those who love her once again! These pointers for cleaning and caring for Dolly and her wonderful wardrobe will assist her to last for generations and ensure that Dolly persists at being a cherished playmate. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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