Legal If you want to work in the legal field but need a regular 9-5 job you could consider a bankruptcy paralegal. With the number of people whose debts are out of control the need for qualified paralegals in this field has never been higher. What do you need to be.e a bankruptcy paralegal? In addition to your paralegal certification, it would be helpful if you had a background in finance. You could hold a business degree or have experience working in financial institutions. It used to be relatively simple to file for bankruptcy but the 2005 bankruptcy abuse and consumer protection act changed all that. Don’t be fooled by the name. Most people believe that this act gives more protection to the creditors than it does to the individuals. While some people may go bankrupt to avoid paying their debts, most people do not want to take this drastic step but often have no option. A significant number of filings are as a result of people losing their jobs, having medical expenses they can’t pay etc. Given the amount of legal arguments this five year old Act still produces, it is not a good decision to file bankruptcy without assistance from an attorney or bankruptcy paralegal . They can help you to file the right sort of bankruptcy but also to file in front of the best judge given your personal situation. You may think that it doesn’t matter which Judge hears your case as the Law is the Law right? Well sort of. There is a lot of personal interpretation to what the Law means and this can often go against the person filing for bankruptcy. For example, you could find a Judge who thinks your reasonable living expenses are anything but reasonable. You could find another Judge who thinks you should increase these figures. Part of the role of the bankruptcy paralegal will be to be.e familiar with the local Judges and how they appear to be interpreting the provisions of the Act. The legal assistant cannot give advice to the clients but he or she will need to know a lot about the rules under each section of the bankruptcy code. They will need to be familiar with the various calculations including the means test as well as the median test. They will need to know figures such as the homestead exemption etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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