70 "good man" at the same time intercourse 20 girlfriend 30 yuan fraud according to the "Labor News" reported that not only the identity information is checked one by one, also visits each other’s place of work. But these are not able to prevent Miss Wu and 6 other women were the same man piancaipianse. Now, in deep trouble Dengmou off "gentle man" coat, under the so-called national civil servants’ packaging, is actually a long time by the network Pianse, and settled in school, find a job, do excuse crazy money more than 30 yuan fraud suspects. Currently, Dengmou has been Changning police criminal detention. Miss Wu had to have a new boyfriend, experienced a brief marriage she cherish this feeling, especially the other was a generous, gentle appearance of family and Social Council cadres. At the same time, her boyfriend also offered to provide for her children to school, these hard strength to Miss Wu delighted. In September this year, she was in love accidentally saw her boyfriend’s chat record. Among the many contacts, met nearly half a year’s boyfriend and several women call intimacy, ambiguous speech. Miss Wu also found him in "this year, people club Bureau has two account, I am here to win a can help you do in the rhetoric at the same time to 6 women ask for money. This statement, he said to himself. To this end, she has 6 transfer of several million dollars, rbi". Found fooled, Miss Wu immediately alarm. After contact, 7 women gradually found the cheated "lover" was a "routine brother". They are through dating sites and Dengmou Dengmou acquaintance, blew the identity information, also took the real estate license, work permit and other evidence of their identity, will be packaged into a 3 sets of real estate, his family was generous, currently serves as chief of the 70 Bureau of human resources and quality men". In order to further dispel the other suspect, Deng also Municipal Bureau of human resources and social training institutions downstairs with female victims. A series of serious practice to dispel the doubts of the success. Without exception, shortly after the formal establishment of the relationship, Deng will take the opportunity to help settle down, and then ask for money, the victim has been transferred to 60 thousand yuan in women. And the victim said, once through the relevant channels for identity verification, Dengmou identity cards, property cards are genuine. After receiving the alarm, Changning branch Huayang Road police station immediately launched an investigation, according to the registration information, quickly locked the suspect and physical characteristics to track its foothold. After the ambush waiting, and finally arrested a suspect in a hotel in Changning Dengmou seized his crime on the phone, bank cards. Dengmou account, since the end of 2015 began to publish personal information on the marriage website. He believes that the key step to allow the other side is to dispel their doubts. Therefore, he uses the real personal information in the process of making friends and con are generally 30 to 40 year old Shanghai single women. In order to cheat him to do the homework, even for the proof where parking is convenient, which window can be quickly have done is to understand relevant materials, procedures have closely reasoned and well argued. As of the incident, by its blind, with its simultaneous contact with the girlfriend of 20 people. Dengmou account, in order to avoid detection, he used a book originally recorded and different)相关的主题文章:


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