Jeremy: hard to get rid of linsanity label when leader responsibility nets Jeremy Lin sina sports news Beijing time on September 27th, according to U.S. media reports, Broolyn nets media day, after a lapse of four years after the return to New York of the Chinese guard Jeremy Lin said he knows he will bear the pressure of "linsanity" in the new season. "Because of my race (or color), people will be less optimistic about me or say something to me." Jeremy Lin said in an interview today, "in some ways, if I have a different color, Lin will not become crazy crazy. It won’t be a hot topic. This is my advantage. But before that, I overcame many obstacles and difficulties to make myself on the court. I’ve always known that there are good things and bad things in life, you have to look at it and appreciate it." Although Jeremy Lin in the past few years, some is not smooth, but now he will be back to New York to play the nets sign. "Of course I feel a stronger sense of responsibility or leadership, which I did not feel in the previous two or three teams." He said, "I think here, I and Brook (Lopez) on the shoulder is a great responsibility, we must set the tone in training every day, even in our life off the way and how to take care of your body, such as eating and sleeping." For Jeremy Lin, this is his chance to prove himself again, but his performance will directly determine the nets can go beyond the outside of their low expectations for the new season. "I’ve been praying and asking God, I want to get a chance to return to New York, but I hope it’s a good chance." He said, "I don’t want to go back to New York to get back to New York." This summer, Jeremy Lin was signed with the nets team to a 3 year $36 million contract in the reconstruction phase of the nets, they want Jeremy Lin to lead the team out of trouble. In the end, this is the best place for me." Jeremy Lin said, "when it happened, I was very excited, because I can go back here, my friends here, and fans, this is where my career took off." (Rosen)


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