90 year old Cao Yu’s heavy blue field guide "Beijing", the daughter of Cao Yu million adaptation activities at the scene of the morning of September 7th, sponsored by the Beijing central China culture "where is my hometown? Israeli Gesher theater "village" Chinese tour Beijing theme day "held in Beijing. This is a home, nationality, heart, home to talk. Three guests to participate in the dialogue are famous Chinese contemporary playwright, daughter of Sir Cao Yu Wanfang, French Jewish occupation photographer, mainland well-known actor Liu Ye’s wife, Anna Martin, Ian · and the Beijing people’s art performing artist Lan Tianye. Last year, the Israeli drama "country" came to Beijing, the works reflect the aesthetic way of life and the value of drama to the three people left a very deep impression. In the play this year opened a national tour of the occasion, the three life background of artists, in pursuit of their hometown, launched a cultural dialogue. Israeli drama "village" removed, migration, almost three people have shared experience. But for home, everyone has a different understanding. Many people know Anna because she is Liu Ye’s wife, a mother, but does not know she is a French Jewish photographer. Anna’s last generation from North Africa to Morocco and moved to france. She was born in nice, studying in Paris, now settled in china. She said: "I seem to have several home, so far I can not answer this question. Sometimes it’s sad, but sometimes it’s fun". As for the fate of the Jews, Anna once wrote, "is it the plight of the Jews?" We are constantly building new environments and being forced to leave, and we may not be able to live tomorrow. Where will I be tomorrow? Who am I then?" The 90 year old blue field has a totally different feeling of home. He said: "my soul is the home stage, the soul of the homeland is the earth. There is an old saying "where Chinese ‘, in fact we show has been to many countries. Have you ever wondered if the world is too big or too small." From the niche in Beijing in Beijing Wanfang, when young, had 8 years of experience in the Northeast Army leave the hometown in rural Jilin to jump the queue. These have become a part of her hometown. She said, "Lan Tianye is part of a teacher is my hometown, Beijing people’s Art Theatre is a part of the capital of my country, even as" village ". The heart of the most soft, buried the deepest, most vitality, the most likely to be excited that piece, is my hometown." Talk about "village", Wan Fang said, this unique drama lies in it to a more than and 10 year old retarded children’s eyes, watching the people around and things, with a pure heart take you to feel everything around him, "you see the last will feel that life is like this, like this life infiltration you, this is life." Wanfang also revealed: "next year, I will cooperate with Lan Tianye, a teacher, this is my father’s" Beijing people "." Previously, the two have worked together in the winter tour. Next year’s "Beijing people", still by the "Winter Journey" produced by the central Chinese culture. Lan Tianye "Beijing" was written in 1941, against.相关的主题文章:


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