Online run north horse, you will participate in sports – People’s original title: Online run north horse, you will participate next Saturday, the unprecedented scale of the Beijing marathon will start in Tiananmen. The marathon of popular level has been hard for you to imagine, because too many people, the newspaper name must rely on luck. But it doesn’t matter, even if you are not in Beijing, you can run north horse". In the North horse run, Chinese athletic association cooperation North horse Wyatt laps and one of the organizers, officially became the official line on the marathon only partner. In recent years, running is becoming a fashion sport, marathon show blowout development. However, many runners missed the registration date, the draw is not, the conflict between the accident and other reasons, resulting in the failure to participate in the game on time. Compared to the traditional offline events, online marathon broke by the only city of the competition, the limited number of venues and geographical restrictions, to maximize the participation of racing enthusiasts to participate in events. As long as the runners in the event day, with Wyatt laps records and complete the registration items, you can get online and finish the marathon medal certificate. Due to the online game time, more flexible way to provide a great convenience for runners. The marathon Office of the General Administration of sport center director water Tao said, now the marathon has become a new driving force to promote the national fitness, rich city culture, promoting social and economic development. It is expected that by 2020, the national marathon and all kinds of road racing events more than 800 games, the number of participants exceeded 10 million. Online marathon with a low threshold, the advantages of wide participation, not only can effectively promote the development of the cause of the marathon, and City Marathon complement each other, become an important part of the marathon culture. It is reported that, in cooperation with the China Wyatt laps Athletics Association, will play its 20 million user advantage, resource advantage, sports technology advantages and advantages of new media, promotion and publicity marathon, in the event of execution, service guarantee and all aspects of cultural experience, promote the marathon service experience fully upgraded. Wyatt laps and athletics will jointly set up a runner database system, sharing online marathon user data fully, to provide support for analysis of official run annual data. Wyatt laps founder Liang Feng said, the future Wyatt laps the one hand with the means of the mobile Internet, with innovative products and services to cover more runners; on the other hand, will also set up online marathon training camp in the conditions of the city, to provide training and supply services for online users, and ultimately the marathon, online line the coordinated and orderly development and benign circulation. Zong Yi link IT help reading reading experience is a lot of interest, but the traditional book publishing due to the impact of the development of electronic commerce, is also facing enormous challenges, but there are also opportunities challenges. Different from other industries, the book life cycle is short, fast update, a large number of varieties, a huge amount of inventory, the speed of the IT system and the performance requirements of the management system is very high. With the help of IT technology, more people will be able to get a better reading experience. Provide)


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