A fly caused a traffic accident, the vehicle lost control and hit the guardrail injured passengers – Sohu news gold daily news (correspondent reporter Ye Mengming Yang Wei) the weather is gradually cool down, worms and flies and other small animal can not resist the cold, warm place to find love "settled", for example the car is a good the greenhouse. However, the limited space inside the car flew into a "hearty flurry of flies, really annoying. This does not, in Zhenhai recently staged a real version of the India film "Kung Fu" small flies, flies caused an accident. 8:40 on October 29th Xu, Chen driving a car along the eastern Ring Road, near West Lane traveling from north to south to the Han Tang overpass, a fly in the cab spinner himself, prompting Chen upset, is unable to restrain the emotions to beat, the flies did not hit, but his car was out of control in the car went straight, sharp right turn into a steel fence on the side of the road, causing the car and steel guardrail both severely damaged airbag car cab and passenger all pop, one of the passengers injured cervical section of forehead, bone fracture.相关的主题文章:


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