Aarif Lee interview: enjoy watching comment when the father was feeling cry "very" interview with the father and son starring Aarif Lee (the Chen Yifan Tencent entertainment Zhuangao photography Zhang Geyang) every time speaking in the entertainment circle really · Curve Wrecker, various counting post no less than Aarif Lee. Top students graduating from the Imperial College London debut as a singer, then quickly with "echoes of the rainbow" in the film halted. The next night "surprise", "Wu legend" for more mainland audiences know him. In the newly released film, the very father and son file, Aarif Lee starred in the movie third times. When the age of three times when the father, Aarif Lee admits that he is a person who attaches great importance to the family, in the screen when the father is also very happy to feel like a father. Enjoy the father feel Tencent Entertainment: This is the third time you play the father, this is a small friend suddenly came out and said "I am your son", the father’s role before and what is the same? Aarif Lee: that’s amazing. Why do I have such a child, is many years ago, I helped a friend to donate sperm, because a friend was drunk, he can’t help him to donate, I donate, accept the girl sperm donation gave birth to the child, the child grew up and began to ask dad who is. So, after he and the child’s feelings are very different from the previous two works. Tencent Entertainment: so young to play a lot of times his father, enjoy the screen as a father’s feeling? Aarif Lee: in fact, I like the theme of family, because I have a very strong sense of family, family is very important. My relationship with my father was also a bit of a contradiction, so this drama I enjoy the feelings between father and son. In the past, more is a driving force of the story, the real and the children’s communication is not much, this is the father and son of the play. Tencent Entertainment: we often say that the most difficult time filming is a small animal friends and cooperation. Aarif Lee: Yeah, we used to talk about kids and dogs. Tencent Entertainment: filming with the kids, this is a language with little friend…… Aarif Lee: No, we are in English, because his father is Canadian, he grew up in Canada, I was also in Canada, there is such a connection, so I feel close to the. He is totally different from the other kids. He likes acting. Several times he finished with the director said, I just didn’t play well, I want to come again. Oh, yeah, the eight year old has such a sense of responsibility. I also want to learn from him. Tencent Entertainment: the usual two in the studio all speak English, will communicate the script? Aarif Lee: in fact, very little communication, I have a basic understanding with him, you put us in any one scene, are very natural and very comfortable. This mainly depends on the control of the director, I am playing with him, to cultivate feelings, play, eat. Tencent Entertainment: and Kim Ha Neul in the process of cooperation will be some running in the process? Aarif Lee: running is certainly, because we are the real language barrier. Because I can’t speak Korean, she played a Korean translation in the play, but her Chinese is for this play down hard, especially not easy.相关的主题文章:


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