According to the old Park Hae Jin for president Pu Jinhui bestie involved in politics scandal – Sohu entertainment network spread Han Park Hae Jin (right two) and Cui Shunshi high male friend (left) photo Portsmouth Jinhui politics scandal burn accident girlfriends Park Hae Jin Sohu entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, South Korean President Pu Jinhui recently because of Cui Shun work political storm girlfriends a head two, the momentum not only fell, there are scholars, affiliate people asked her to step down, did not expect the storm without burning recently has performed "you come from the stars", "cheese trap" actor Park Hae Jin [micro-blog], just cause he was a friend and Cui Shunshi photo. Pu Jinhui girlfriends politics scandal spread for several days, it is reported today (29 days) people held a protest rally in Seoul Cheonggyecheon, requirements and the park office, political controversy on the Internet also burned to the showbiz, Korean media reported recently online rumors of a photo of Park Hae Jin and Cui Shun friends high surnamed. Outside the high male in the entertainment, but also because of Cui Shunshi’s "help" and therefore lead to the relationship between the high male netizens speculation and Park Hae Jin. The photo is the heat transfer, the name of Park Hae Jin also inexplicably on the news hot search list, for no reason "fame", Park Hae Jin through a brokerage company said the photo was taken 14 years ago, in the photo in addition to the high male and three men, the right man in green two was Park Hae Jin, but he and the high men do not know, to remind users to stop disorderly rumors, otherwise Park Hae Jin would not rule out the use of tough measures to safeguard their own reputation.相关的主题文章:


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