Site-Promotion Writing articles is without a doubt one of the most powerful ways of gaining a high position in most search engines. But, for most people, writing articles is time consuming and sometimes difficult. If you lack the ability to spit out article after article, you should focus on spreading the ones you do submit as much as possible. Getting your articles spread thru out the internet isn’t an easy task, especially if you are writing within a small niche. One could keep ones fingers crossed, hoping for every article to really stand out, thus making it attractive for webmasters looking for similar content. The only problem arising is: What if no one does publish your articles, or at least not as many as you hoped? Is all your hard work to no use? While getting your articles published by as many webmasters possible should be the goal for every submission, it is not the only way of gaining links from your written words. In the eyes of the search engines, there is little or no difference between at random site – using articles as content and an article directory, so where your links are placed doesn’t matter much, just as long as they keep .ing. If you notice your articles don’t get published enough, take the matter into your own hands and submit the article to as many article databases possible. If you have spent hours writing your article, it sure is worth spending another hour submitting it to the various directories out there. There is much article submission software available online. Most cost quite a bit of money, some offer this service for free. The free versions tend to be very limited, submitting mainly to small or new article directories. If you find sites or software, aiding you in submitting your articles for free, you should give it a try. If they do get your article listed, it’s likely to be on sites you do not submit to. To make things as easy as possible, I re.mend you find as many article directories possible, preferable using the same software. A few of the original article databases offer their software for anyone to use, making many of the directories behave exactly the same way. In addition to these directories, you should always submit to the ones with high traffic rating, for maximum exposure. Assuming you are using mozilla firefox, submitting your article to numerous directories simultaneously will be much less time consuming than one might think. Bookmarking the submission pages directly, and opening them in tabs only leaves you with; Logging in, choosing topic, copying and pasting your article and inserting your keywords in a very fast manner. If you do this for every article you write, and your articles meet the terms and conditions, you are likely to get close to a hundred free inbound links from every article. Many of the smaller article directories do not get that many submissions, making your article stay high in their page hierarchy for a long time. Another obvious upside is the increased exposure your articles will get from adding your article to more directories. The chance of getting a webmaster interested in publishing your article multiplies as you submit to more and more directories. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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