after numerous rumors, Google is finally put Android Wear 2 on the table. Compared to the first generation Android Wear, this "update back for a long time" brings new features very much, we feel together.

first of all, even if it is intelligent, for a watch, it is still the basic function of the often bright dial – there is no doubt that. But as a smart device, do you really want to use the dial can only look at the time? Therefore, the first big change in Android Wear 2 is to add more interaction on the dial.

primary screen is lit only a dial dial screen, and provides a plurality of page 2 often bright dial, a lot of support in watch information push and interactive applications, such as calendar, health, financial information, users can dial lit pages fast sliding switch screen and interact with this information, multiple pages similar to the main screen of the mobile phone.

secondly, Google health applications have also been upgraded. Android Wear 2 in the new Google health can support the primary step, walking distance records, burning calories and heart rate monitoring, of course, the premise is that you buy the watch equipment has a series of sensors.

Android Wear 2 to restore the support of the watch’s cellular data connection function, this feature allows the watch and mobile phone on the communication is independent, the user can use the watch directly to receive calls or send and receive text messages. The update even watches built Android Wear version of the Google Play store, after the user can directly install new applications on the watch, no longer need to download the application on the phone after the synchronization.

information, Android Wear 2 to support a direct reply on the watch, the user can choose to watch the screen voice input text, typing or writing to send information, you can also send Emoji expression.

In addition, Google Assistant voice assistant is also officially landing watch, the current Android Wear 2 version of the voice assistant to support the interaction between English and German, the future will add more language.

currently, LG has determined that the upcoming release of LG Watch Sport and LG Style will be pre installed Android Wear 2 system, which will also be the first pre installed new system of watch equipment. These two watches will be officially released in a day. Google will also be in the near future for most of the old watch device adaptation update and push.


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