Although only 80 thousand, but the domestic car looks expensive. – in the current automobile Sohu independent vendors continuously improve the process of automobile quality, in support of the independent brand also improved a lot, this also with independent brands to strengthen their own propaganda. At the same time, the joint venture brand of a few years ago in the 100 thousand yuan this interval has not too many advantages, especially its durability besides before this advantage, either cost or configuration are fully into the wind, so many consumers in the purchase of the first car will consider the independent brand quality models. Geely imperial GL price: 7.88-11.38 million Changan automobile escape (three car gasoline version) price: 8.29-9.59 million Dongfeng Yulon sharp 5 price: 8.58-11.98 million GAMC trumpchi GA3S horizon price: 6.98-11.98 million Professor summary: that several models recommended by Professor today are very hot in recent years the quality of independent models GL should be the imperial, Imperial upgrades, Geely Automobile upward strength models. Trumpchi GA3S horizon is have a very young and fashionable style, and chassis tuning very well; Rui 5 are full of individuality but the momentum is very good, is also very worthy to buy a car. Although the final escape some of the models behind, but before it has been selling models, has a very good reputation.相关的主题文章:


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