Australia Chinese students murder or follow-up: involving students love triangle in new network on 13 October, according to Australian news report, the 19 year old China students Hu Longxiang (Longxiang’Jeremy’Hu, transliteration) on the evening of April 15, 2016 at the Chinatown in Melbourne was attacked, and died in April 23rd. After the court hearing, Hu’s death involves Longxiang triangle, a 17 year old boy with Hu Longxiang pursues the same woman, and together with the other three suspects Wan Shenliang (Shenliang Wan, transliteration), Liu Hanjie (Hanjie Li, transliteration) and Luo Sirui (Sirui Luo, transliteration, female) killed Hu lung. In the 12 month trial, 3 suspects were present at the hearing. The 17 year old boy attended the hearing at the juvenile court. "Daily Mail" reported on 12, the Melbourne public security court hearing again this month, Hu Longxiang was killed in the case of 12. According to the prosecution, the 17 year old boy (cannot be named for legal reasons, because want to pursue Hu Longxiang) are dating women, and the arrangement and the Chinatown in Melbourne to meet Hu lung, and together with the wanshen bright, Liu Hanjie and Luo Sirui together on Hu Hu lung to lung cuff and kick, head and body multiple the injured, was proved to be a fatal injury. 22 year old Luo Sirui was charged with assault, 23 year old Liu Hanjie was accused of assault and affray crime; the 17 year old boy in a juvenile court to attend, he faced assault and affray charges; and in this case, start with the most heavy Wan Shenliang was charged with homicide. Police said the surveillance video near the shooting of most of the fighting process, the number of thousands of victims in the head of the victim. Luo Sirui admitted in court he kicked in the head and then Hu lung, Luo Sirui and Liu Hanjie’s lawyers said in court, Luo Sirui admitted she kicked the legs or knees Hu lung in the fight, and plans to plead guilty in a hearing on November. Wan Shen Liang will continue his murder and defense, defense again in a hearing on 2017. By then, the court will decide whether the million Shen Liang should be responsible for the death of Hu lung.相关的主题文章:


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