Autumn mutton delicious Huzhou new mutton is so tempered at 4:30, mutton shop owner Li Qihang opened the door of the shop. At this time of the day, early diners waited at the door, waiting for the first hot mutton. Autumn wind up, lamb incense. In Huzhou the new year after the fall of Deqing, ushered in the season to eat mutton. The town of mutton shop business has more than and 50 large and small, daily consumption of a conservative estimate of 100 head of sheep. The new year at the end of September 15th to eat mutton is the Mid Autumn Festival, early trickling rain, but the rain did not stop the enthusiasm of mutton diners. 4:30, Mr. Mao will appear in the Ningxia new town boss Lee mutton shop. "Autumn eat mutton" old set of "ah, for hundreds of years are like this." In the opinion of Mr. Mao these really old gluttonous, mutton is the most delicious mutton pot jie. Jie pan mutton also called Kaiguo lamb, opened the lid, water vapor, braised mutton overnight glistening, authentic soup. Choose a piece of leather with the lamb, and then let the owner to cut some can, sheep, sprinkle chopped garlic and red pepper leaves. A table, do not hurry to move chopsticks. Eat mutton is a ritual thing, right "open" is in a leisurely manner to a cup Black Tea, pour a cup of Yellow Wine. Yellow rice wine, the smell of mutton, the collision between teeth. Eat about the same time, with the soup noodles are on the table. If you haven’t finished eating mutton, diners altogether into the noodles, then the snoring underground belly. In fact, the evolution of the autumn to eat mutton diet culture constantly. You will find that the business of mutton shops blossom everywhere, the original over the mid autumn national day to hoe the delicacy, now get all the year round. Price is not a factor of consideration. Mutton has always been a civilian food, prices fluctuate with the market. The most expensive year, each sheep dumplings sold 27 yuan this year, the price dropped to 20 yuan. In the view of Yindu Hotel cooked mutton chef Shen Yongmei, a lifestyle change is the main reason for the evolution of culture with mutton. Mr. Mao said: mutton to eat a fever, do not do manual work now, eat one or two times a week, eating in the air conditioning to hide so little effect." It is delicious because of ancient Li Qihang 65 years old this year, roast mutton trade is 26 years ago with local chefs king A De school. "I look at my poor master, so I closed the door disciple." Heritage of more than 20 years of taste, captured a lot of diners, Li Qihang was affectionately referred to as "a big". He went to the shop to eat mutton noodles too early, around 8 in the morning every day sold out. Not only is the boss Lee mutton shop, like soup noodle, Xian Tan yuan pine mutton, Xian Tan farms south of the Ming mutton shop, Jianming mutton shop, every morning are also full of customers. There is a saying, new mutton is delicious because of the ancient, is it really? "There is what the ancient ah! Is the condiment ratio, specific how much is not so accurate, Practice makes perfect. As for the 50 kilos of sheep today, I would like to put a packet of salt." Li Qihang said, the most important is the cooked mutton and the length of heat, heat and the age of the sheep. The old sheep are cooked for a long time.相关的主题文章:


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