Bob? Dylan was awarded the Nobel prize in literature   contrary to expectation deserved – Culture – original title: Bob? Dylan winning upset last night, in a network of Adonis and Haruki Murakami’s conjecture, 2016 upset Nobel prize granted to the United States to more rock folk singer appeared in public view in Bob? Dylan. The Nobel Committee said that the award to him because he is "in the great American song tradition, poetic expression of the creative". Poetry comparable to Homer was born in 1941, Bob? Dylan is the most influential twentieth Century American folk singer and poet, as the Nobel committee to describe, "as an artist, he is very versatile, in painting, acting, screenwriter have outstanding performance, in addition to a large number of music works. He has published experimental works," tarantula "(1971) and" Bob Dylan "series of graphic works? (1973). He has also written an autobiography "Chronicles" (2004). The work described in his early memories of New York, provides in his life into pop culture center." According to foreign media reports, the Nobel Committee Executive Secretary Sara, Bob? Dylan’s poetry and the ancient Greek poet Homer and Sappho’s works are comparable. In 1997, Bob, the first time by the Military Academy of (VMI) of English and art professor Gordon, the representative of the election committee on behalf of the election committee for the nomination of the president of the United States, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, for the nomination of the literary award for the first time, the nomination of the Chinese people’s Republic of China in the World War II, in which the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the representative of the election committee for the nomination of the. From 1998 to 2002, Bob and Dylan were nominated for the Nobel prize in literature. Contrary to expectation deserved in the public eye, Bob? Dylan is more of a music person, but when a careful study of his works, the literature prize to a "musician" is not without reason. The poet Zhou Nanyan said: "the Nobel Prize for Bob? Dylan, very upset, but it is not without reason. Once upon a time, there was a long tradition in the west, and Homa was a bard. Like Spain, France Lorca Prever, is famous modern troubadour, their works are changed into these folk songs. Bob? Dylan is also a representative of the modern bard, so he won the prize, but also on the western literary tradition of ratification. However, or for Adonis regret, he combines the prophetic of western modernism and the Middle East Lyric tradition, would have won the prize." On the other hand, Bai Ye said: "the literature prize to a cross-border literature, may also indicate that the scope of the future expansion of the Nobel prize." Bai Ye also said, in fact, this year’s awards are postponed one day release, this person may not be the beginning of a unified consensus on the judges, so more than a day of communication and discussion. Three top singer poet commented that Bob? Dylan is the three pop singers, second guitarist, best composer, best poet. Beijing morning news reporter interviewed a senior music critic, Baidu music general manager Wang Lei yesterday, he called Bob Dylan)?相关的主题文章:


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