UnCategorized The tourist life of Bogota is developed from the city center to the north. Within the city center remains all the history and the best of cultural attractions such as colonial architecture, museums, theaters, art galleries, concert rooms, historic monuments and libraries. First of all, there is a wide collection of colonial churches such as the Cathedral, La Veracruz, La Candelaria, La Concepcion, La Tercera, La Capilla del Sagrario, San Diego and Santa Barbara but visitors have to make sure they do not miss San Francisco for being the richest in its category, Santa Clara due to its interior decoration, San Ignacio thanks to its high naves and San Agustin because it is one of the oldest. Some other pieces of architectural work around the city are the National Congress, Independence Home, House of Narino, Plaza de Bolivar, San Francisco Palace, Echeverri Palace, Palace of Justice and Santa Barbara. There are many museums in the city that is why visitors need to be selective according to their preferences. The most important are the Gold Museum that has more than 23,000 precolonial pieces, the Colonial Museum, the Modern Art Museum, The National Museum, el Museo de Arte Religioso and La Quinta de Bolivar where the private life of Simon Bolivar can be recreated. Bogota also has many museums dedicated to specific subjects like urban development, military forces, graphic arts, medicine, etc or people. In terms of scientific attractions there are three places visitors should go to. First of all Maloka which is an interactive museum with different rooms inviting to play while learning about life, biodiversity, the city, the universe, technology and the human being. Then the Pla.arium where visitors can attend celestial dome projections, laser projections, telescope observation journeys, astronomy workshops and conferences on different topics associated to astronomy. The Botanical garden Jose Celestino Mutis where important study, research and environmental education takes place. In terms of nature and recreation Bogota has an amazing parks system of 4594 parks classified as regional, metropolitan and neighborhood. It also counts with alamedas, humid areas and hills. Monserrate is the favorite hill of the citizens, it is a pilgrimage sanctuary with the best view of the city. The city counts with a dozen show scenarios where varied music, theater, exhibitions and spectacles are programmed. Also the city is full of shopping malls, restaurants, bars, cafes, night clubs, etc that make Bogota a really cosmopolitan city. When going to Bogota take your time to visit it and really get to know it because certainly it has a lot to offer and it is a charming place you will never f.et. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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