Changsha students posting said running is not to lose weight for grades original title: when we run, people consider credit Changsha for normal college students Post said running for grades; the school is known to improve students’ physical quality Changsha normal college campus running software implementation. Figure Changsha respondents to provide newspaper news recently, a Changsha normal college students in the online posting, he every day last month to run 4 km and the school recommended mobile phone software to record, not to lose weight, only for the PE can have 10 grades. The students post, causing a lot of discussion. In this regard, the reporter interviewed the college students in charge of physical education teachers, he made a response to the questions of the students. The morning of September 27th, Xiaoxiang Morning News reporters came to Changsha normal college, just a few students in the running. A sophomore girl told reporters about the software, enter the registration interface, there is no next option, and can not exit. "I’m not against running, but there are still a lot of problems with the software". Another male classmate took the initiative to open the phone, told reporters that the software. After you open the software and complete the registration, GPS will be located in the Changsha Normal University south campus, and show the semester training target of 120 km. Reporters saw, there are more than 1400 students to participate in training. After the start of the students click on the run, the interface can be displayed independently choose the type of running and the number of kilometers running, running type can choose a random endpoint and the end of the agreement, the minimum number of kilometers 2 km, up to 9 km. After a good choice, the system will randomly generate the running route and the necessary location. "Each person randomly generated running routes are not the same, if you do not run by the mark point, and many kilometers is also invalid." Male classmate told reporters, this software is mainly for freshman sophomore students. Their sports final score is divided into two parts, the final exam results accounted for 80%, usually accounted for 20% of the results, the end of the semester will be able to get a total of 10 kilometers to get the usual score of 120. "I heard that if you do not get this very, next semester will not be eligible for physical education." "You set their goals after the target hit a card, more than part of the goal setting is not included, if no target is unable to work." A junior female student who is running, said, GPS positioning points in the campus and the school next to the park, students do not run across the road. "I’m a junior now. I don’t have a PE class. But I think this software is very good, so I downloaded with the students about the usual running." After the reporter interviewed found that not every student to download the software. A sports school student said he was not worried about sports results, so do not intend to run for 10 minutes. Running this thing should be voluntary, want to run and run, do not want to run and do not run." Practice questions and answers the reporter Zhou Lingru not to run 120 km, the next semester or can choose students: if the end runs 120 kilometers in APP, whether or not to take the final exam next semester sports, whether cannot participate in the sports elective course? Yin Junqing (responsible for the students’ physical education teacher): this semester the students if not to run 120 km, neither give effect on Physical Education相关的主题文章:


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