Changsha Huayuan first yuppie Art District to create the experience of commercial Changsha Jinqiu Changsha benchmark Hua Yuanhua Center opened a commercial complex, to create differentiated customer experience. The first Changsha yuppie Art District, Face More with its unique performance, strengthen the commercial space of interest, to create the experience of commercial benchmark for Changsha. The merchant signing ceremony in September 27, 2016, 10 in the marketing center building Huayuan International Center, held Huayuan Face More media promotion and yuppie Art District Merchants signing ceremony. The media business promotion and signing ceremony kicked off in the cultural experience in artistic yuppie, hundreds of business celebrities, famous brand representatives, the atmosphere is very active, which shows the potential commercial value and market focus. Face More a time tunnel as the first floor Changsha yuppie Art District, Huayuan Face More for the style of each layer has its characteristics. Such as a layer of carving time, pick up the light to find traces, including the street set up the characteristics of the time train, the door of time, time and space tunnel, people immersed in the space to go through another reverie. Face More’s unique way of expression, the use of a very flexible interactive device on the space node, to enhance the fun of commercial space, attracting passengers gathered popularity. Design in hardcover style, take the indoor outdoor street art form, make the internal overall business climate is more rich and interesting. Face More two layer two layer’s dreamer paradise lost innocence, giant box shops, the atrium placed outside the paint bottle, four root tree pillar, Lilliput and Brobdingnag, let the design with dream of color. And a 3D hand-painted style into the formation of three-dimensional space dimensional illusion, combination of garment products, experience in this unique space, let a person to start full of yearning for fairy tales, further strengthen young people’s cultural identity. Face More three layer three layer and four layer local positioning heart supplies, is a new concept in the dining space, and create visual experience will add sound experience, customers can here improvise a special sound clips, that is no longer boring waiting for dinner. Huayuan Face More through a series of innovation, to further upgrade the shopping experience to advanced mode. The concept of advanced experience model is not only visual, tactile and taste are involved, but also feel by commercial rise to the cultural level of spiritual experience, Face More in the realization of the goal of delicacy shopping at the same time, but also bring the fashion to consumers, the yuppie art "cultural temperament.相关的主题文章:


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