Business Dan Snyder Redskins If you are still a redskin fan you must have immense hatred accumulated in your bosom for him. I mentioned the word still because there arent many of your kind remaining, thanks to him. He is Dan Snyder, the proud owner of Redskins. Tell me after all you had gone through paying the penalties for your cordial support, if you would hear that Dan Snyder is the best owner in the entire sports fraternity, what emotions would it arise in you? Your own Redskin Quarter Back, Clinton Portis has bestowed this honor upon him. Now let me refresh your memory and set it to a time in the past where this young fellow Portis was accountable for serious allegation of indulging in a fight with the coach. Let me then take you two another time right behind it when our Dan Snyder indulged in a bitter quarrel with the coach, now let me again take you to the time right after the coach and Portis hassle, when our Dany Boy offered a great fifty and a half million dollar All pro contract to Portis. Now when our time travel is complete does this comment of dear Portis produce any evident image? I hope it has. To give it the last last touch of clarity Dan even called him a Hall of fame Running Back. But I have no intensions of enlisting my name in the eternal lists of journalists and bloggers who have dedicated their lives trying to uncover the crystal clear truth of Dan Snyder. The whole world knows it. My aim is to tell you what happened and leaving to your discretion either to knock down your computer or have a good laugh about it. Ever since Dan Snyder took charge of the Redskins the teams has fallen from skies headlong. He bought the Redskin franchise in May 1999 contriving gleefully after the death of Jack Kent Cooke. Dany could smell money rather than anything else. He paid no heed to the emotions of the thousands of Redskin buffs and kept on tampering with the team for business purposes. Even the stadium name was given away which was the tribute to the late honorary Jack Kent Cooke, as he indulged a 207 million dollar investment of FedEx. To cause extravagant upheaval to the revenue he increased the club and suits seating arrangements but at the time of recession he sued season ticket holders for being unable to pay the amount. Redskins constant failures have turned the world against him, yet he manages to have the last laugh. Recently as Redskins pulled off a 17-16 victory over the New York Giants, he being himself openly remarked that he hated those beepers and it was payback for the 36 million dollars salary cap penalty imposed over them by Mara. When it comes to making enemies and beating them is just Dans cup of tea. But in his reign where is the destiny of the Redskins are heading that only time can tell. Visit here if you want know more info about Daniel Snyder About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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