[color] baby 16314th Fucai 3D recommended summary [color] baby BLUELOVER 3d16314 forecast: average more than 5 points to 2016313rd lottery 3D lottery number: 373, three groups of morphology, size ratio of 1:2, parity ratio of 3:0, and the value of 13, a span of 4. 3D2016314 lottery experts predict number: temperature state number: 2016313 stage temperature code failed to debut, combined with the analysis of the recent track number, the next period of temperature has a greater chance to recharge code 1-2. Quality: 312-313 quality ratio continuous open 3:0, in nearly ten lottery numbers, out of 16, only 2 more than doubling period, the next period and a number of sharp rebound, prevent the matter closed, crude format together. 012 way analysis: the period except Sanyushu for 010 Road, 0 Road, three out of the last two yards, 1 yards out of 3 Road 2 Road, 16314 had not appeared, marking the 1 number to continue the excellent performance. Mean: the average value of the previous phase out of 4 points, the recent three phase of the 1 road mean showed more open posture, the average value of the forecast period will be greater than 5. The size of the forecast: the size of the previous phase than out of 1:2, the worst performance of the recent two digit number, the next 314 to focus on the high value of the temperature. [color] plays the master predicted baby 3D16314 period: the number of lottery lottery lottery 3D 2016313rd code negative thermal state is 373, and the value of 13 points, the size and shape of small size, odd parity form Kiki, span value of 4. 3D forecast number 2016314 period the latest: quasi cold number: the period of the cold code did not appear, the recent observation of the winning number distribution, forecast the next period of cold thaw in code. Heat number analysis: the last phase of the hot number out of three, according to the number of columns to win the frequency chart to determine the future of a number of concerns about the negative performance of heat. Temperature forecast: 313 temperature code number of 0, according to the award number of short-term regularity, the next phase of concern about temperature code 1-2. Ten difference: the period of ten and a phase difference between the 4 sites, the recent ten difference in open a 1 interval, 16314 new period should pay attention to the ten difference of small drop. Ten: the period and ten digits and 10 points, the last five period and value volatility, suggest a future issue of focus between 4 to ten and the value of 12. (source: baby net color) [color] baby showers forecast Xiaoxiao Fucai 3D16314 period: a code to see the big lottery 3D 2016313rd lottery number 373, out of 3 weight codes, and the value rose to 13 points, 4 points to span. 2016314 3D test machine before the forecast analysis: one hundred digit: recently three 100 codes are down 3-1-3, odd, numerical strength, combined with the number of rules of a recent analysis, the next 314 this even value covering the strong signal. Ten point of view: the number of the previous ten on the number is 7, according to the trend analysis, the 314 phase of the ten key reference number 0. Bit)相关的主题文章:


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