Dalian won the national championship in Dalian beach soccer championship. She said with a smile hosted by the Eighth National Football Association China Beach Football Championship ended in Zhoushan yesterday for the first time on behalf of the Dalian team of the Dalian District of Pulandian beach soccer team in the final 4:1 victory over the defending champion Qingdao team win. It is also the first time in Dalian to harvest the national championship. Dalian District of Pulandian beach soccer team in June this year has just set up membership of the club of Dalian, from the beginning to training for the purpose, has organized a tournament, then attended the national beach soccer championship. However, for the first time to participate in the Dalian Pulandian beach football team was divided in the group of death". It is understood that the tournament total of 14 teams entered the competition, two teams Dalian Pulandian team championship tournament last opponent, fortunately Dalian football team prepared sand. In this battle, they sent a total of 14 players, in order to prepare for the tournament, Dalian Pulandian District sand foot team is two Japanese international invitation to join the team, the Japan International Planning in the world is full of sand auzout is known, its technical capabilities can be discharged into TOP5. The first game, Dalian Pulandian district on the beach soccer team defending champion Qingdao team, two teams draw 2:2 with regular time, overtime neither scored a penalty shootout in the final, the Dalian team two players missed penalty regret lost. Group phase second games, in the face of the last runner up Ningbo team, Dalian team played attacking football, and Gotou auzout foreign aid firepower, and local players are awesome, 10:2 win easily. In the next 1/4 finals and semi-finals, the Dalian team has won the Guangdong team and Shanghai team, and the group stage match against Qingdao again. In yesterday’s final, because in the group phase and the Qingdao team played, Dalian District of Pulandian beach soccer team tries to in the opening stages in the rivals, has received very good results, the Dalian team gengde, first open the door to the other side, although the Qingdao team tenacious equaliser, but then. Lu Xun soil strike and auzout scored two make the final score locked at 4:1, not only reported a group phase penalty lost revenge, and eventually won the tournament of champions. Before Hengda asked teammates, certainly the impression is very strict, after come to my very aura, but strictly will open some small joke. Mainly reflected in the training, after all, his qualifications and achievements in that, and sometimes may not stand there, you can make people feel the majesty. He (Lippi) and led before Xu (Gen Bao) guide took us time, emphasizing mutual collusion, movement and coordination, defense is oppressive. We have always stressed that there is still a chance, as long as there is a chance not to give up, we still have the ability. – in recent national football and Wuhan Thatcher’s warm-up match, the first half scored two Wu Lei in an interview about the impression of Lippi said. Chief reporter Sun Weidong相关的主题文章:


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