Data analysts sell 100 thousand personal information all into the fraud Gang on personal information leakage, this time is a hot spot of public opinion. Recently, Ningbo Xiangshan procuratorate arrest a data analyst, he belongs to the crime of "source" in the disclosure of personal information, the use of his office and get first hand people trading. Data analyst surnamed Zhang, Hunan, 38 years old, working in a network technology company in Shanghai, the company has a cooperative relationship with the financial unit. Work, I wish to contact a large number of financial institutions personal data of customers, the information includes the customer’s name, telephone number, contact address and the specific content of the product has been purchased. I wish a opportunity to copy the data to your U disk, after thinking the resignation can rely on these data alone. April 2015, I wish to resign from the company, would like to open a company to promote their own information, but because they have not found a telephone salesman, plans to temporarily stranded. At this time, I wish a friend Hu found him, saying that you can help sell these data. See profitable, I wish to agree to sell, and Hu agreed to each information 0.5 yuan. During the period from 2015 April to November, a wish by face to face transactions and Baidu cloud disk two, has 3 times to 5000 yuan 10000, 15000 yuan, 12500 yuan 30000 65000 price to Hu sold more than 10 personal information of citizens, after Hu and help to the number of data to the the 3 friends of Wuxi Jiangsu. And these 3 people is a fraud Gang, the use of the purchase of personal information of citizens, to the public to make fraudulent calls, selling fake collectibles, causing serious damage to the victim. The report, Xiangshan police arrested together will follow it, a wish. At present, the case is still under further investigation. It is reported that this is the first case of personal information of citizens of Xiangshan procuratorate handling criminal cases.相关的主题文章:


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